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Pipe Manufacturers

Carlo Scotti

Carlo Scotti…

Shortly after World War II, Carlo Scotti began making pipes in Cantù. From the very beginning, his goal was to produce first-class pipes.
Carlo Scotti examined not only the advantages and disadvantages, but also the peculiarities of each pipe brand that was on the market at that time. Thereby he acquired a specific knowledge, which made him increasingly famous all over the world.
Carlo Scotti invented, among other things, methacrylate mouthpieces: lighter, stronger, and aesthetically more pleasing..

Castello Collection KK Sterling Silver

… the Castello pipes

Today, Castello pipes are available worldwide in specialized stores, and pipe collectors as well as pipe smokers think that they are close to perfection.
Castello pipes have excellent smoking capabilities.
Castello pipes are characterized by their elegance and meticulous workmanship, in both the classic and freehand line.

Castello Collection KKKK

The briar root

Because constant research has earned Castello a reputation, many coupeurs offer only their best briar blocks to Castello.
Thus, Castello is able to exclusively work with first-class briar.

Castello Collection Great Line K

Skill is love, as well

Having the necessary technical skills and the appropriate tools to process the briar blocks is not enough to achieve outstanding results. You also need the “heart.”
Thus, it is important for Castello to know that most of their pipes come into the hands of those who handle them with great care and deep appreciation.
The establishment of such a special connection is more likely when one knows about the way of his pipe, how it was made out of a briar root. It is a slow, patient, and creative art.

Castello Collection Great Line KK

Castello all over the world

Due to the very small production volume, Castello pipes are proudly cherished by pipe collectors all over the world.
Even specialized stores seldom offer more than one of these valued pieces at a time.

Castello Collection Fiammata K

The philosophy

The goal can be condensed into few words: “Pipes to be offered to collectors have to get better and better.”
If one wants to maintain this attitude, it will become increasingly difficult, if not altogether impossible, for Castello to meet the worldwide demand for their pipes.

Castello Collection Great Line KKK

But rarely can the best things in life be preserved easily, and never without great strain. And sometimes it pays to wait.
These are not only the ideas of Carlo Scotti, but also of his daughter Savina, and his son-in-law Franco Coppo, who years ago took over his work and continue the business with a small but commited staff.

Castello Sea Rock Briar KK

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with friendly support of Ulrich Wöhrle & Castello Pipe di Carlo Scotti & C.

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