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Peter Heding


Peter Heding


Heding Pipes – “the story”

Im Peter Heding, 36 years old in 2007, began making pipes as a hobby during in 2003.

At that time he worked as molecular biologist (Ph.D.) but felt sequentially attracted to more artistic and handcraft-like disciplines.


Peter Heding´s workshop


Die Coincidently he watched an interview with Anne Julie in the TV during the summer of 2003 and was fascinated by the pipes she made and he instantly felt convinced that pipe-making contained exactly the creative elements he was looking for.

Shortly hereafter, he contacted Tom Eltang whom invited Peter to his workshop where he during the first 2 years taught him many important aspects of free-hand pipe-making, and equally important; introduced him to the interesting world of pipemaking.


Peter Heding Gold Grade Disc Bamboo


Tom and his wife Pia Eltang introduced Peters pipes at the Chicago Pipe Show 2004 and 2005 and they were well received and Peter felt hereafter convinced that pipemaking was his future professional carrier to come.

Thus, by spring of 2006, after 3 years of hobby pipe-making, Peter quite his job at the Research Institute and began a new life as fulltime pipemaker.



Pipe facts:

Peter Heding only produces high-grades pipes that are 100% free-handmade from only the best Briar. Likewise, the stemwork is hand-made from solid German ebonite. Further, he often integrates exotic woods, bamboo, ivory and similar in the pipes.

In this context, Peter produces only a limited amount of pipes each year – around 200-250 pieces, but they are all “one of a kind”.


Peter Heding Silver Grade Horn


The designs are strictly his own, but with inspiration caught from Teddy Knudsen, Kent Rasmussen, Tom Eltang and other "great" Danes.



Grading system:

Bronze graded: Mostly sand-blasted pipes
Silver graded: Mostly semi-rusticated pipes but also some smooth pipes.
Gold graded: Smooth pipes, with tight grain and good birds-eyes.
Diamond graded: Smooth pipes, perfect grains and birds-eyes, extravagant shapes.

Copyright © 2007 by TECON GmbH
with friendly support of Peter Heding

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