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Dunhill News 2012 British Bulldog



The English or British Bulldog is an old dog breed that developed in Britain in the 16th century.

The breed was originally used for the popular ‘sport’ of bull-baiting, where several Bulldogs were set on a Bull in a market place (or arena) to bring him down mostly by biting and holding on to its nose. This explains the typical physiognomy of the breed such as thick folds of skin on a Bulldog's brows and folds called "rope" above the nose (so that the blood would not flow in the eyes and nose), hanging skin (so that if the horns of the Bull would penetrate the skin it would not damage the vital organs) and a retracted nose from the underbite (so that the dog could still breathe while hanging on the nose of the bull). The above combined with strong, stocky bodies, massive heads, strong jaws and superior tenacity typified the once ferocious breed.

The Cruelty to Animals Act 1835 prohibited this ‘sport’ and the breed became almost extinct.

In 1878 the Bulldog Club was founded, the oldest single breed specialty club in England. It promoted a breed that underwent a dramatic change from the formerly savage warrior dog to a very docile, friendly and gentle, yet still courageous animal perfectly suited as a family pet and show dog, which is what very much defines the British Bulldog of today.

The English Bulldog is one of the four national animals that represent England or the United Kingdom (as are the lion, the Unicorn, and the red fox). The breed has been associated with Winston Churchill (although he never owned one) and stands for the British Bulldog Spirit and was extensively used and featured in the propaganda during the two World Wars. The British or English Bulldog is also the official mascot of the United States Marine Corps and numerous U.S. universities (such as Georgia or Yale).

Fab Diamond, shown above, has been the official mascot of the White Spot division since 2010. She fronts our website, our consumer brochure and is used in White Spot PR visuals world-wide.


The British Bulldog pipes have been specifically created and manufactured to honour the British Bulldog, the national animal of Great Britain and in memory of Fab Diamond, the official Mascot of the White Spot division.

Being our first Welfare Edition, a donation for every pipe sold will be given to the British Bulldog Rescue, a breed-specific registered charity that operates a network of foster homes to support abandoned Bulldogs across the UK.

The Bulldog pipe is a classic Bent shape in Group 4 (4102). It fitted with a precious metal windshield in form of a remarkably realistic hand-sculptured Bulldog head and an engraved precious metal band.

The highly collectable Bulldog pipes are presented in a prestigious leather bound book and come with a numbered and hand-signed limited edition certificate.

This series is strictly limited to world-wide only

- 75 pipes in Shell Briar & Sterling Silver
- 75 pipes in Bruyere & Sterling Silver
- 3 pipes in Amber Flame & 18ct Gold & Diamond Eyes
- 1 pipe in Root Briar & Platinum & Pink Diamond Eyes

World-wide launch October 2012.



Subject ‘Bulldog’ - British Bulldog is one of UK’s national animals
Welfare Edition A donation will be made to Bulldog Rescue UK to support Bulldogs in need
Bent shape - Shape 02 - classic pipe shape perfectly balancing weight of windshield
- pipe and windshield form homogenous & aesthetically pleasing unit.
Finishes - Shell Briar, sandblasted black, Vulcanite mouthpiece
- Bruyere, smooth mahogany red, Vulcanite mouthpiece
- Amber Flame, smooth orange-brown, Straight Grain, Vulcanite mouthpiece
- Root Briar, smooth natural, Vulcanite mouthpiece
Mouthpieces Taper mouthpieces, individually cut, shaped, and finished for each single pipe.
Size Gp. 4 – medium to large size
Bulldog windshields - hand-sculpted from precious metal:
- Sterling Silver version: approx. 33 grams
- 18ct Gold version: approx. 51.9 grams, set with 2 white diamonds
- Platinum version: approx. 57.7 grams, set with 2 pink diamonds
Diamonds - white diamonds: colour D/F, Clarity VS, weight 0.06ct per pair
- pink diamonds, 0.063ct for the pair
Precious metal bands - Sterling Silver = 92.5% pure silver
- 18ct Gold = 75% pure gold
- Platinum = 95% pure Platinum
- all bands engraved with British Bulldog text
Presentation book - Prestigious leather bound book
Limited Edition Exclusive & very collectable - worldwide only
- 75 pieces in Shell Briar & Sterling Silver
- 75 pieces in Bruyere & Sterling Silver
- 3 pieces in Amber Flame & 18ct Gold / Diamonds
- 1 piece in Root Briar & Platinum / Pink Diamonds
Certificate Individually numbered and signed.

Copyright © 2012 by TECON GmbH
with friendly support of Alfred Dunhill LTD. London

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