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HU-tobacco OWB Directors Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

HU-tobacco OWB Directors Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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Contents: 0,10 Kg
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Original Warehouseblend
Directors Cut

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:



Medium to strong

Tobacco species:

Virginia, Burley, Perique and Kentucky


Curly Cut



Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:









Manufacturer Description:
When talking about traditional tobacco blending, the string-tobacco has to be named. In former times the spinning of tobacco was a tried and tested method to improve the durability. Today the advantages lie solely in the taste area. The basis of the Director's Cut is a traditional Virginia / Perique Curly Cut, which is excellent ripened as a Rope before it was cut into slices (curlies). The expressive and sweet Virginia-grades as well as the powerful Periques as center of the Curly Cut form an interesting unit with the Burley-grades and the sugary Virginia Loose Cut. Expeciality gives this mixture a touch of Firecured Virginia, which underlines the robust and original character of the Director's Cut. The result is a subtly sweet and spicy mixture with interesting taste variants and appeals to all smokers who are looking for the special taste experience. ... strong, spicy, complex.

The tobacco is a curly cut, that are the coin-shaped sections of a pressed about finger-thick tobacco roll. These are medium and light brown, with some darker portions and golden speckles. Furthermore, the tobacco reminds however rather of a Mixture, because in the tin are also ample pieces, which remind of a Ready Rubbed, as well as even larger dark brown flake pieces. All in all a rustic, but quite interesting appearance. The ascending scent is sweet as a red fruit tea. It is possible to let the tobacco dry for a short time before smoking. But this is not a must.

The Original Warehouseblend Directors Cut should be plugged as a Curly Cut with care. The small slices can be somewhat kinked, crumbled or squashed, which facilitates later igniting. Above all, the pipe should not be filled too tight or too high, as the pressed tobacco rises under the heat.

Light up:
If you look at the special form in the preparation, you need two flames to ignite the Original Warehouseblend Directors Cut, but after a gentle re-tampering and the second flame, there are no further difficulties.

Smoking  properties:
The Original Warehouseblend Directors Cut should be smoked cool. Whoever puffs too strongly at the pipe will experience that the smoke tingles on the tongue. Also the strength is not excessive, but one should not underestimate it, since also the aromas are strong. Especially smoky, spicy notes prevail, as well as the typical toasted bread flavor, which likes to find in Virginia-Perique blends. If the tobacco is kept cool, the Original Warehouseblend Directors Cut will surprise you with a taste spectrum that almost reminds you of good cigars: velvety dark chocolate is just as tasty as wood and leather. In between, one should bring the embers gently with the tamper closer to the embers, so that the burn does not stall. At the end of the filling, medium gray ash remains with some unburned crumbs and almost no condensate.

The room smells according to the enjoyment of the Original Warehouseblend Directors Cut of tobacco, which is why non-smoking companies might feel disturbed. The tobacco, however, is also strong enough not to lose its spices even in the fresh air.

The Original Warehouseblend Directors Cut is a slightly shattered light and medium brown Curly Cut which sweet scent of red fruits arouses appetite. This sweetness is rather in the background when smoking, but the distinctly spicy aromas of the Original Warehouseblend Director Cut, are more likely to appeal to the lovers of more powerful tobaccos. Experienced smokers are able to keep the tobacco cool so that they can enjoy the effects of cigar-like bitter chocolate, wood and leather, which make this otherwise typical Virginia Perique really interesting.


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