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El Ron Prohibido
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El Ron Prohibido Reserva 22 Rum 40% vol. 0,7l

El Ron Prohibido Reserva 22 Rum 40% vol. 0,7l

El Ron Prohibido Reserva 22 Rum 40% vol. 0,7l
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El Ron Prohibido


Reserva 22







Alcohol content:

40% vol.



El Ron Prohibido Reserva 22
The name El Ron Prohibido means "the forbidden rum" and tells a story that begins in the 18th century: both the import and production of rum in Mexico were banned by King Felipe V. However, the Mexicans ignored the prohibition, allowing a recipe to survive for centuries. With the slogan "Don't let anything be forbidden!" the rum is aimed at all those who do not want to conform to societal norms. Like no other rum, El Ron Prohibido represents rebellion against senseless regulations - and tastes devilishly good. The rum is produced by the distillery Ron Prohibido, S.A. de C.V., which is located in central Mexico.

Smell: Aromatic notes of sugarcane syrup, vanilla, peach, cocoa, caramel, pecan, almond, anise, cinnamon, cloves, and wood accompanied by smoky undertones.
Taste: Peach, vanilla, nuts, clove, sugarcane syrup, caramel, almonds, pecans, and mint combined with wood and smoky tobacco notes.

For aging in the Solera system, the 22 best available American oak barrels were selected. The Solera system is a process that achieves a unique and very refined blend. Sugarcane from Veracruz was chosen, receiving special care to obtain the best possible rum through the extraction of "Guarapo." Guarapo is the juice extracted directly from the sugarcane during the milling process. Guarapo is also suitable for consumption on its own, as a refreshing and energizing drink for the summer months. These are the foundations from which Ron Reserva 22 is made.

The mixture includes four components: the first barrels are filled with pecan and almond shells as well as peaches from the Mexican state of Zacatecas. The remaining barrels are filled with Guarapo. These American white oak barrels are arranged according to the Solera system, resulting in a blend of all 22 barrels after maturation. They undergo carefully timed extraction and refilling processes to achieve a perfect composition.



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