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Torben Dansk
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Torben Dansk 40 Jubilee Danish Blend Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Torben Dansk 40 Jubilee Danish Blend Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Torben Dansk 40 Jubilee Danish Blend Pipe tobacco 50g Tin
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Torben Dansk


40 Jubilee
Danish Blend

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia and Black Cavendish




Chocolate, Vanilla and Tangerine

Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:

Very good




Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description:
40 years Torben Dansk Pfeifen, this anniversary naturally also requires a special tobacco composition. And in order to serve not just one flavor, two mixtures have been developed for you. The Danish Blend is aimed at friends of flavored tobaccos. Black Cavendish, a Ready Rubbed Virginia Flake and golden Broad Cut Virginia in a balanced mix, refined with chocolate, vanilla and, as a highlight, a hint of fruity-sweet tangerine. A soft palate, gently smoldering, cool in the smoke, with a good room note.

The Jubilee 40 Danish Blend is packaged in a round tin. The paper rosette and the cover sheet appear somewhat wavy, but only excess moisture was probably absorbed. For a flavored tobacco, the blend is well conditioned. To preserve the aroma, however, you should ensure airtight storage. In addition to short and medium-wide cuts of hazelnut-colored and dark brown tobaccos, there are longer Ready Rubbed pieces and small flakes of almost yellow tobacco. The scent is penetratingly sweet and strikingly reminiscent of chocolate biscuits filled with orange marmalade.

When plugging the Jubilee 40 Danish Blend, pay a little attention to the Ready Rubbed, which you can pluck a little and leave some more space than with a loose cut. Apart from that, give the mixture into the pipe as usual and gently press firmer towards the top.

Light up:
For the Jubilee 40 Danish Blend you need the usual two flames. Once the surface is evenly inflamed, gently smooth it out with the tamper. The second flame then ensures an even glow.

Smoking  properties:
The Jubilee 40 Danish Blend immediately shows the citrus fruit aroma, which is already so appetizing in the fragrance. Fresh and fruity, it harmonises with the softer chocolate sweetness. The tobaccos are rather mild and can only be tasted from about half the filling. The Black Cavendish in particular shows its tobacco aroma slightly spicy. With flavored tobaccos, you should always make sure to smoke carefully. The Jubilee 40 Danish Blend then causes no further problems and hardly any condensate remains in the pipe. Cleaning the few remaining medium gray ash is so very easy.

The room note of the Jubilee 40 Danish Blend is clearly characterized by the aroma. With tolerant non-smokers, the tobacco can thus have a pleasant effect and meet with friendly acceptance.

The Jubilee 40 Danish Blend is a flavored tobacco for those with a sweet tooth. The balanced blend of loose tobacco and Ready Rubbed burns down calmly when prepared and smoked with care. The mild basic tobaccos and the citrus fruit note with chocolate are not burdensome, so you can treat yourself to the Jubilee 40 Danish Blend at any time of the day. The environment will also be impressed by the tobacco given the pleasant room note.


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