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Old Ironsides Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Old Ironsides Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Old Ironsides Pipe tobacco 50g Tin
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Old Ironsides

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia, Latakia





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:





Very good


Very good



Manufacturer Description:
A flake of a very special kind: aromatic Virginias high in natural sugars were fermented together with a high proportion of full-spicy Latakia in the press and matured to perfection extra long.
The result is an almost black, wonderfull intense tobacco with gorgeous tarry scent, rich in sweet-toned aromas and strong spiciness, but thanks to the slow and cool burn incomparably gentle in character.
Popularly the oldest battleship of the American fleet, the “U.S.S. Constitution" got this formidable name.

The Old Ironside is a dark almost black brown flake with a few brighter sprinklings. From the freshly opened round tin a dark fragrance of autumn leaves rises that reveals the Latakia, while the naturally sweet flavor of dried figs suggests a good Virginia. Although the flakes are not too wet, however, sticking - as in this manufacturer is often the case - a little together; but they can be individually detached with some caution one from another. This and the brittleness of the flakes are not necessarily a disadvantage, but rather as an indication of the naturalness of the tobacco, because no "adhesives" are added to the product in order to keep it in shape.< font>

The Old Ironside is easy to plug in the preferred method. Either rub out the flakes until you have the desired consistency or bend and fold it. Since the Old Ironside rises as many flakes under the flame, you should plug it with little pressure into the pipe, which considerably facilitates the fire. Loose tobacco crumbs as tinder have the same effect.

Light up:
Plugged carefully, as required by flakes, the Old Ironside needs two flames to ignite it. With the first flame and smoothing aid of the tamper to generate a flat surface that then willingly takes the heat of the second flame and turns into a constant glow.

Smoking  properties:
The Old Ironside offers the best of both worlds. On one side Latakia, with its spiciness reminiscent of bitter licorice, but it has an ethereal lightness that takes out the severity of the used tobaccos. Very harmonious, not competitive but playing together is on the other side the Virginia, which is as promised by the manufacturer sweet and to satisfy even the connoisseurs of pure Virginias with its typical aromas of bread. But this Virginia has not the dreaded bite and gargling, as unfortunately sometimes happens in these provenances. In fact, the Old Ironside smokes cool and uncomplicated until only a little light ash remains in the pipe.

The generous quantum of Latakia attracts attention in the room and so this tobacco is particularly suitable for very tolerant society or for enjoying in the fresh air.

The Old Ironside is an almost black flake in a good reclosable round tin. The brittleness of the flakes may complicate taking the flake out and the bending and folding, but is a reference to the natural purity of the tobacco. Not too tightly plugged, it offers a relaxed smoking, which turns out interesting due to the finely balanced Virginia and Latakia. Even beginners are able to taste the different tobaccos and can get an idea if they want to devote more intense in future trials of Latakia. This is complemented harmoniously in its spiciness by the natural sweetness of the Virginia, so nobody needs to worry about an "overdose of England", but there is no boredom, too.


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