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Liberty Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Liberty Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Liberty Pipe tobacco 50g Tin
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Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Virginia, Kentucky, Latakia





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good




Very good



Manufacturer Description:
A Mixture of picked golden brown Virginia grades and respectively a small portion of Kentucky and Dark Fired Virginia.
The addition of a ready rubbed Virginia flake with an interesting flavour gives a very appealing aroma. Its subtle spice it receives from a small pinch of Latakia, which smoky note, however, never is in the front.
The cut is rather short, so that with slow burning and cool smoke the aromatic-spicy flavor and pleasant bouquet can develop.
Reminiscent of George Washington crossing the Delaware River laden with ice on December 25, 1776th

The Liberty is a Mixture, consisting of very bright and dark brown tobacco fibers and ready rubbed Flake. All tobaccos are all rather short cut, which the manufacturer text already points. The sweet smell from the tin reminds on a fruity-spicy aroma similar to that of oranges with cloves. The tobacco acts rather humid, but it is not sticky.

The Liberty is in spite of its different ingredients fairly simple to stuff. Who, as in Mixtures and Loose Cuts usual, is starting loose and getting tight upwards, is doing nothing wrong.

Light up:
The Liberty makes already when lighting joy, because, despite its apparent moisture it takes the flame so quickly and evenly that a single match is enough to produce an ember that does not expire until the end of the filling.

Smoking  properties:
The smoke of Liberty is very lush. Kentucky and Dark Fired Virginia making their presence felt in a sweet spiciness while parfum undertones will delight the specialists among the smokers of Virginias These flavors may arise by the unspecified flavoring, but are never intrusive or even soapy, on the contrary, they sometimes remind of sweet almonds and will not scare anyone. The pinch of Latakia has failed so discreet that its flavors rather remain in the background, so you can call this an English blend tobacco barely. Only the remaining, fine, light gray ash hardly mixed with condensate is reminiscent of a typical Englishman.

The room note of Liberty is harmless - Latakia is not to sniff and the used tobaccos smell is sweet, thanks to the flavor, so that the Liberty is likely to be tolerated in smoking-friendly society.

The Liberty is a mixture of light and dark, cutted short tobaccos and ready rubbed Flake that can be ignited and smoked very easily. The scent of oranges studded with cloves can be found in the creamy smoke barely. The Liberty is characterized by an almost perfume-like spice with a hint of sweet almonds. An interesting flavor that is rarely found in other tobaccos. The Latakia mentioned by the manufacturer one should not be deterred of neither expect too much. It merely serves to rounding off. But the curious who want to try rather soapy Virginias can start first attempts with the Liberty. The overall simplicity of the tobacco makes it anyway an ideal tobacco for beginners or a pipe-filling for all occasions.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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