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St. Bruno Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Pouch

St. Bruno Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Pouch

St. Bruno Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Pouch
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St. Bruno



Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Kentucky and Virginia





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:

Very good




Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description: 
St. Bruno Flake is a beacon among legendary pipe tobaccos and throughout decades many pipe smokers’ true and loyal companion. A pipe tobacco born under the English Purity Law and ever since then made in the same way following the same demands for the best quality tobacco. The selected Kentucky leaf contributes with the smoky and bold character in this blend. The bright Virginia leaf makes the smoking experience smooth and pleasant. St. Bruno is a steam pressed flake tobacco known and loved by pipe smokers around the world. - A distinctive blend of smooth Virginia and other fine leaf.

The St. Bruno Flake is packaged in a pouch, but is also contained in a plastic dish, such as known for biscuits. As with these, the dish serves as a protection against crumbling. Although the dish is welded with a metal foil, but after opening, neither the pouch nor the dish can be closed securely airtight. For longer storage, one should then refill the St. Bruno into a dense container. The Flakes are cut narrow and very clean and are stacked for two side by side. The predominant color is a rich dark brown with medium brown inclusions and the scent is very characteristic sweet-spicy, reminding of orange jam. Although the Flakes look elastic and can be taken individually, they are nevertheless a bit brittle. Pre-drying is thus not necessary.

The St. Bruno Flake can be plugged very easy, as the manufacturer has shaped the Flakes so that they can be bend and folded well. It is also easy to grind them to a Ready Rubbed-mixture, form little balls or whatever you like to smoke your Flake. In contrast to most Flakes, the St. Bruno Flake can be plugged even more firmly, because if the filling is too loose, there is no good puffing on the pipe.

Light up:
The St. Bruno Flake hardly rises under the heat, so it only needs a single flame for an even embers. Nevertheless, you should gently smooth the surface and then give fire again - so you can achieve a nearly perfect burning.

Smoking  properties:
The lavish smoke of the St. Bruno Flake has a powerful effect, but without being burdensome. The aromas are spicy and smoky. The Kentucky used has a slight peppery nose, moderated by a soft tart sweetness, which is so natural that it can not be attributed to the truly discreet aromatization. The burn is very calm and leisurely; only you can occasionally press the embers to the tobacco with the tamper, apart from that the St. Bruno Flake does not make any effort. Tongue-burn or gargling are also not to be feared, so that in the end medium gray, fine ash, only a few unburnt crumbs and almost no condensation remains.

The redolence of the St. Bruno Flake is, above all, distinctly tart and for genuine tobacco by the Kentucky used, so that the tobacco is less suitable for non-smoking society than for walks or enjoyment among peers.

The St. Bruno Flake is a sweet-scented Flake carefully packaged and cut, whose dark color already betrays the tart tobaccos of which it consists. Since the manufacturer's attention has focused on an uncomplicated preparation, the St. Bruno Flake is perfect to be easily put into the pipe and smoked. Although its strength is moderate, however, it should not be forgotten that the used Kentucky is one of the strong tobaccos and one can also taste this. Smoky spicy with just a touch of sweetness, the St. Bruno Flake, despite a light flavoring, is more like a natural tobacco, so that above all curious people can feel addressed, who want to make their first experiences with Kentucky-tobacco. For everyone else, the St. Bruno is an uncomplicated Flake-tobacco for any time, but especially in the fresh air or as a conclusion of a rich meal.


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5 of 5 Stars!Zvonimir K., 10/01/2021
Certainly good tobacco, slightly flavored, not so much as to take away tobacco's main role. After opening the package, the smell of virginia dominates, you can feel earthy and grassy notes of the scent, maybe a light citrus and a crumb of honey. Kentucky is thrown into the background with floral and fruity aromas, but it goes very nicely with light and dark virgins. The flake is thin, has enough moisture and does not need to be further dried. You can also fill the bowl with crushed flake, I prefer to just break the flake and fill the bowl, with a few crumbs for easier lighting. It burns very well, it needs a lighter pace, yet it is virginia and you never know when it will bite your tongue. The aroma is very pleasant, the strength of the tobacco is medium, the taste is a little citrusy sweet. Look for a few extra ignitions while smoking. In the end, only a little light gray ash is left without moisture. If they smoke at a slow pace, they will not heat the pipe and will not bite. It could be tobacco for the whole day. Recommendation for purchase.

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