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White Elephant
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White Elephant Kalahari Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

White Elephant Kalahari Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

White Elephant Kalahari Pipe tobacco 50g Tin
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White Elephant



Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Black Cavendish, Broken Virginia, Dark
Virginia and Virginia





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:




Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:

Very good


Very good


Very good





Manufacturer Description: 
"There's something about life on a safari that makes you forget all your worries and makes you feel like you've drunk half a bottle of champagne - bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for life." Tania Blixen
Can enjoying a pipe ever have the same effect as a safari on the magical continent of Africa? Probably not. However, we didn't let that deter us when we tried to create a pipe tobacco series that will conjure up the magic of Africa in your pipe.
The basis for all four varieties are fantastic tobaccos from Africa. The finest Virginias from Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe await you. We also opened a wonderfully nutty burley from Malawi. In the search for the right flavors, after countless attempts, we came across the following: cactus, fig, date and marula liqueur. Four aromas that conjure up a feeling of Africa on our palate.
All four representatives of the “White Elephant” series are only lightly flavored. This leaves the excellent tobaccos plenty of room to develop their aroma. Friends of natural mixtures could also be welcomed here.
Sit back, fill your pipe with a mix from the new “White Elephant” series and dream yourself into the African savannah.


Figs don't just taste good on sheep's cheese, oh no. For our Kalahari, we drizzled fine Broken Virginia with the fruity, nutty aroma of figs and married it with a Dark Virginia and a Black Cavendish. Dream yourself at the head of a caravan and enjoy this slightly sweet delicacy.


As is standard practice, the Kalahari is packaged in a round tin and wrapped in paper. If you take it apart and remove the cover sheet, you will see a predominantly light, wide cut. But underneath there are short, wide, black-brown fibers and a medium-brown, fine Ready Rubbed. The scent is strikingly appetizing. In fact, the nose of the Kalahari is reminiscent of brown bread with sweet and nutty aromas. The moisture content of the tobacco is just right, so you can give the Kalahari in your pipe straight away.

Although the Kalahari contains a portion of Ready Rubbed, its fine cut makes plugging easier. So as long as you don't go too hard, just apply gentle pressure upwards and leave some space for the tobacco, you'll get a good filling.

Light up:
While plugging the Kalahari is easy, lighting requires a little effort. This ensures a good burn. After the first flame, press the surface lightly with the tamper and then use the second flame to give the Kalahari an even glow.

Smoking  properties:
The Kalahari is full-bodied in the smoke. The well-composed Virginias show lush notes of juicy bread paired with roasted aromas and tobacco spice. But that's not all, there are also exciting, delicately sour aromas that are slightly grassy. It is rounded off by a fresh fruitiness in which you can recognize the fig aroma used. Overall, this creates a taste that is not striking, but is therefore very pleasant. The burning is just as uncomplicated, although a little faster, than with other mixtures that contain Ready Rubbed. In the end, only a few crumbs, some light, fine ash and a little condensation remain. This makes cleaning just as easy as the entire smoking process.

The Kalahari smoke is more natural, but not particularly strong due to the aroma it contains. A non-smoking environment, if necessary, should still be taken into account.

The Kalahari is a mixture with Ready Rubbed in different shades of brown. The preparation requires relatively little attention. This makes the tobacco definitely suitable for beginners. The flavors are also unlikely to overwhelm newbies. The Kalahari is by no means weak or even boring. Typical Virginia notes, such as bread, roasted aromas and also grass, combine with the fresh, fruity aroma of figs to create a well-rounded flavor profile. All of this makes the Kalahari a tobacco for every occasion, which can also convince many lovers of natural blends.



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