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Mountain Village Evening Standard Pipe tobacco 250g Econom Pack

Mountain Village Evening Standard Pipe tobacco 250g Econom Pack

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37,75 €
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Contents: 0,25 Kg
1 Kg = 151,00 €
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Mountain Village
Evening Standard

Weight (net):



Economy Pack

Tobacco type:

English with Latakia


Medium - Strong

Tobacco species:

Virginia and Latakia





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good


Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description:
Bright, broad-cut Virginia and darker heat-fermented Ready Rubbed portions in equal parts, rounded off with a good portion of Latakia, give a full-bodied but soft pipe tobacco with a strong taste typical of English embossing.

The Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard comes in a round tin which cover sheet is somewhat wavy when opening, which usually means a damp tobacco, but this is not the case here. The paper seems to have merely absorbed a production-related excess of moisture, so that the tobacco is now very well conditioned. The Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard is a dark- to black-brown Mixture with finely rubbed portions of Ready Rubbed. It smells like Scotch Whisky but does not contain any flavor.

The Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard is easy to plug, despite the Ready Rubbed, because these are very fine. Keeping the tobacco loose down in the pipe and pressing it down getting upwards, then there is no problem at all.

Light up:
Also the lighting of the Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard is straightforward. A flame, possibly smoothing the surface with the tamper, then the tobacco burns quiet until the end of the filling.

Smoking  properties:
The Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard can be recognized as strong tobacco and also its nicotine content is more strong, than medium. The contained Latakia is of the spicy-tart variety. If the smoke is breathed out through the nose, the floral incense notes of the oriental tobacco are also felt. The smoky aromas are predominant on the face, but if the tobacco is kept cool, there is also a nutty, light sweetness. Like the plugging and igniting, the burning is completely uncomplicated, so that in the end only fine, pale ash and practically no condensation remain in the pipe.

The Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard is a tart and vigorous, as can be expected from a Latakia-containing tobacco, which is why it is recommended for soloists or groups of connoisseurs. Even in the fresh air, the Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard is not too light.

The Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard is a dark to black-brown Mixture with finely rubbed Ready Rubbed portions, which is due to its strong aromas and the rather high nicotine content is not aimed at beginners. Also the flavors are smoky and the Latakia is accompanied by a tart spiciness, while attentive smoking it is accompanied by a nutty-gentle sweetness. However, in the preparation and smoking process it is so uncomplicated that the Mountain Village Tobaccos Evening Standard is suitable for more experienced Latakia lovers as an all-day smoke.


Copyright © 2013 by TECON GmbH
with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

Tip number 1


A filter system for pure enjoyment.


Only available from VAUEN



Our “Conex System” ensures an airtight fir by lightly pressing on the mouthpiece.

 The result: the smoke which enters your mouth is 100% filtered.


Tip number 2


Full enjoyment from the very beginning


 VAUEN pipes don´t have to be slowly broken in over a long time because the wood is protected
by a special lining in the tobacco bowl.




Even by temperatures of 300 to 400°C, which occurs when lighting, cannot harm the pipe.


Tip number 3


Achieve natural beauty


 To make a pipe even more beautiful, the grain of the pipe is taken into account during production.



There are two classic grain patterns:

the straight grain and the bird´s eye grain.

In order to achieve these, the raw briar blocks from which the pipe is created,
needs th be cut along the natural grain course.


Tip number 4

Sandblasting makes the most of the grain of the pipe

A pipe bowl which has a beautiful grain but with inherent imperfections is sandblasted.
In the process the softer parts of the surface are washed out the harder relief.

The advantages are, as with rusticated pipes, a greater ruggedness and a cooler smoking pleasure.

Die ganze Welt des Pfeifenrauchens

Mit der DVD Pfeifenmacher aus Leidenschaft seit 1848 entführt die Firma VAUEN Sie in die Welt des guten Geschmacks. Alle Pfeifenliebhaber und die, die es werden wollen, finden Informationen rund um das Thema Pfeifenrauchen. In stimmungsvollen Bildern erhalten Sie einen Einblick in die hohe Handwerkskunst der Pfeifenherstellung.

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