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W.Ø. Larsen
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W.Ø. Larsen Hand Pressed 2015 Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

W.Ø. Larsen Hand Pressed 2015 Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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W.Ø. Larsen


Hand Pressed
Limited Edition 200 pieces

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”Hand Pressed” by W. Ø. Larsen is a unique product conceived by Master Blender Lasse Berg. The Danish brand with a proud tradition of more than 150 years blending some of the world’s finest tobaccos. At 21 years of age, Lasse began working professionally with tobacco as an apprentice Master Blender in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Here he began investigating the unique possibilities different tobaccos of the world offer and how they can complement each other when fused together.

“I wanted to create a rich, powerful and personal tobacco to capture the full at- tention of the smoker. At the same time, I wanted to leave room for the subtle notes from the gale, which is handpicked on the moors of northern Denmark. All of my professional life I have been working with beautiful tobaccos from all over the world and the time seemed ripe to introduce a little Danish terroir into my blends”. Lasse Berg, Master Blender

To concentrate the gale flavour and encapsulate subtle notes, an old format was reinvented. Lasse instructed a black- smith how to forge the hand press on the basis of historical documents. The hand press is crucial to the result because it gives the Master Blender a closer feel to how the tobacco reacts under pressure – and the ability to adjust accordingly. This also explains the limited production; the press only contains 2.5 kg of tobacco.

The blend stays in the hand press for 24 hours before it is placed in a special maturing chamber where temperature and humidity are controlled. Here the different flavour and aroma compounds integrate and develop even more com- plex notes. The individual flavours are still there, but during the maturing process they fuse together in the similar way great wines do in the cellar.

“Hand Pressed” by W. Ø. Larsen is ideal after dinner. Its elegant yet pungent taste will compliment any meal, but, as a good wine, it does not need specific settings to impress: Any time you choose to enjoy “Hand Pressed” is ideal; and it is quite easy. The tobacco is compressed to main- tain freshness and mix flavours. Simply pick off the desired amount of tobacco with your fingers and the room is imme- diately filled with beautiful aromas. This is only a prelude to the very unique smoking experience that “Hand Pressed” offers.




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