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Samuel Gawith
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Samuel Gawith Black XX Fines Kandal Twist Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Samuel Gawith Black XX Fines Kandal Twist Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Samuel Gawith Black XX Fines Kandal Twist Pipe tobacco 50g Tin
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Samuel Gawith


Black XX
Finest Kendal Twist

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:



Very strong

Tobacco species:

Dark Fired Kentucky





Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:




Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:









Manufacturer Description:
An absolute rarity: Strong Dark Fired Tobacco was spun into a strand by hand and soaked for 12 hours vegetable oil. After 24 hours baked in the oven. Strong in flavor.

The Black XX Fines Kendal Twist is a piece from a long rope of curly in the tin and is about 2 cm thick. The tobacco roll is almost black with a slightly damp sheen that could be due to the oil in which it was marinated. In the cut it is black-brown, with very few light brown speckles. The scent is reminiscent of tar, oiled leather and wood fire. The residual moisture makes it advisable to vent about ½ hour the.fresh and cutted tobacco before the plugging.

The Black XX Fines Kendal Twist must be cut before the plugging. The easiest way is by using a sharp knife to cut slices (Curlies) from the roll as you would do with a salami. These slices tend to crumble a little, but it is recommended anyway, it makes it easy to rub it out, which helps the tobacco in burning later. Also, one should choose a rather small bowl due to the strength. Three Curlies, halved and lightly squeezed should get you started. One should be careful the tobacco as it rears up from the flame so its advisable to plug it not too tight. Some remains or tobacco crumbs as the top layer facilitate the kindling.

Light up:
Also, the lighting of the Black XX Fines Kendal Twist requires attention. Much emphasis should be placed on achieving a uniform bed of embers, prefer to let go once more and relighting than when smoked constantly have to have the matches by hand. Possibly it may also be necessary, to loosen up the filling with the thorn a bit before it accepts the embers.

Smoking  properties:
Anyone who has done so much trouble with the plugging and ignition of the Black XX Fines Kendal Twist will be taken on by smoking mindfulness. A careful sip is enough and a powerful, creamy smoke fills the mouth. You taste what already the fragrance promised: notes of leather and oil, tarry, yes resinous aromas, sparkling salt, reminiscent of sea spray ... The nicotine is plain to see and who ignores that will be proven wrong, because hectic smoking will be punished immediately. Then it gets hot, bites on the tongue and gargles. The tobacco towards the end becomes even stronger and leaves dark gray ash and some condensate in the pipe. It fills you up and is great for the last pipe of the evening or as a digestif.

The room touch of Black XX Fines Kendal Twist is genuine tobacco and tart, which could easily be bothersome in society.

The Black XX Fines Kendal Twist is a black-brown piece of a twist. Its scent is reminiscent of leather, oil, tar and burning wood. The handling is not easy and the burning properties require some experience. But due to the sheer strength the Black XX Fines Kendal Twist is no tobacco for beginners. Even some experienced smokers of strong tobacco could find his master in this twist. Who does not deter and pays attention to his smoking habits, the smelled flavors will find itself in smoke - tobacco as it was in the old days: simple, honest and uncompromising.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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