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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren HH Burley Flake Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren HH Burley Flake Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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Mac Baren


HH Burley Flake

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia, Burley and Kentucky





Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:




Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good


Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description: 
Fine notes of dark chocolate and nuts combined with the slightly dry mouth feel of a Burley of high quality. This Burley-dominated blend offers a substantial smoking pleasure for the pipe smoker. A touch of Virginia tobacco is added well-balanced and completes the Burley blend, adding a touch of natural sweetness. The dark-fired Kentucky plays a minor subordinate role and is barely recognizable in the taste, but it supports the abundance of tobacco blend. HH tobaccos - the most natural way to enjoy your pipe tobacco. The HH Burley Flake is the perfect choice for all Burley-lovers. Totally without top flavor and as with all tobaccos of the HH family with a minimum of casing.

In the square tin the HH Burley Flake is packed in noble-looking embossed gold paper. Inside are neatly stacked and cut as accurately two stacks with Flakes side by side. The slices are evenly marbled dark and medium brown and traversed by golden yellow veins and sprinklings. The scent is fruity, fresh and reminiscent of dark chocolate. The Flakes are very elastic and can be taken out of the tin individually, but they are not so moist that they have to be pre-dried.

The manufacturer attaches importance to his Flakes that even the beginner can simply plug them. And thats the way it is. The elasticity of the Flakes makes it very easy to bring one or even two of them bend and folded in the classical manner in the pipe. Of course, it is up to the smoker to decide whether he prefers to rub the Flakes into a Ready Rubbed, tear them to pieces or choose a completely different preparation. Flakes invite you to experiment and so does the HH Burley Flake. Finally, you should give a few loose tobacco crumbs on the filling, which will take the flame faster.

Light up:
For Flakes, it is perfectly normal to let them go out after the first flame to flatten the surface again with the tamper. The following flame also produces a constant and even glow with the HH Burley Flake.

Smoking  properties:
Anyone who is used to Burley Tobacco as above all chocolaty and naturally sweet, will be surprised by the HH Burley Flake. First and foremost, this tobacco delivers tart-spicy aromas and a strong smoke in which are mingling toasted notes and a slight nuttyness. Too greedy smoked, the HH Burley Flake can act quite peppery on the tongue, which is attributable to the Kentucky, which is probably more decisive overall for the taste than the manufacturer indicates. The Burley, on the other hand, is actually responsible for a pleasantly astringent sensation in the mouth and if the smoker is able to keep the pipe cool, then you can taste clearly dark chocolate, but with a just very subtle sweetness. The burning is quite straightforward and leaves only dark gray ash and the – usual for Flakes – unburned crumbs in the pipe.

The redolency of the HH Burley Flake is for tobacco and thus requires a tolerant or smoking society.

As usual for the manufacturer, the HH Burley Flake is neatly cut and packed. Just as much attention is devoted to the possibility of preparation and all this is noticeable. However - and not untypical - the subjective feeling may like to deviate from the "descriptive poetry" of the manufacturer, but this is rarely of disadvantage. In this case, the HH Burley Flake offers a welcome change from the rather gentle burley-based tobacco blends and shows that this tobacco variety can also have spicy sides. Supported by peppery Kentucky and smoky Virginia, it shows rather tart and bittersweet, which harmonizes wonderfully with the tobacco's own dark chocolate aromas. This does not make the tobacco necessarily beginner-friendly, but quite interesting for those who are looking for an unusual, yet not atypical Burley.


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