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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren HH Rustica Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Mac Baren HH Rustica Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Mac Baren HH Rustica Pipe tobacco 50g Tin
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Mac Baren


HH Rustica

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Nicotiana Rustica, Dark Virginia and Burley




Not specified

Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:




Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good






Manufacturer Description: 
For several centuries, the tobacco used in HH Rustica has not been used as pipe tobacco. The English settlers found Rustica tobacco in North America in 1607 and saw the native Indians smoking the tobacco in clay pipes.

A Dark Virignia and a little Burley were also added to create a balanced blend. The Dark Virginia is an air and fire cured tobacco with a light smoky note and the Burleys complete the mix. The flake tobacco is hot-pressed. This special process combines the flavor nuances into an unique and interesting taste. The smoking experience is smooth and round in taste and has an intense power. The Flake tobacco is full of aromas and by far the strongest tobacco in the Mac Baren range.

An absolutely unique item.

HH Rustica has no top flavor and only a minimum of casing.

The HH Rustica is packed in a square tin. There are three rows of finger-wide flakes wrapped in thick gold paper. The scent may come as a surprise, as it is sweet and juicy, reminiscent of prunes wrapped in bacon. This piquant, appetizing aroma is probably due to the Rustic used. The predominantly black-brown color, which is streaked with dark brown veins and some light speckles, also fits in with this. The flakes are elastic, but crumbly, maybe even a little damp, so you should let the HH Rustica dry a little before putting it in the pipe.

The moisture content makes the HH Rustica elastic enough to bend and fold into the pipe using the tried and tested method. But you can also plug the flakes as Ready Rubbed in your personally preferred fineness. You just have to be attentive to do it carefully and not with too much pressure, as the compressed tobacco will rise under the flame.

Light up:
As the HH Rustica rises under the first flame, the surface is leveled with the tamper and carefully fired again, creating a permanent bed of embers.

Smoking properties:
The use of the Rustica tobacco can be clearly tasted in the HH Rustica, resulting in an interesting smoking process right from the start. Basically, it is smoky, powerful and spicy. The aromas that mix in are unusual and therefore exciting. There are slightly ethereal hints reminiscent of Latakia, although this is not included. This is accompanied by notes of salty liquorice and dark chocolate. These aromas are rarely caused by a casing, but are intensified by the dark Virginia and the earthy Burley. Occasionally you have to gently push back the rising tobacco with the tamper and maybe fire it again. Hardly any condensate remains and the ash that remains is very fine and light-colored and makes little work when cleaning the pipe. You shouldn't just blow into it, so that the ash doesn't spread everywhere.

The light casing of the HH Rustica is not noticeable in the room, so the smoke is real tobacco, spicy and not necessarily suitable for non-smoking society.

The HH Rustica is a narrow flake tobacco, whose dark appearance and the unusually sweetish bacon-fragrance already let one expect the unusual taste experience. You should already be familiar with flakes and strong tobaccos, so that the preparation is successful and the smoking process is not demanding. You should certainly not smoke the HH Rustica by the way. The intensely strong HH Rustica compensates for this little extra attention with fascinating aromas that are reminiscent of incense, spicy liquorice and dark chocolate. Since these can be traced back to the basic tobacco used - above all to the Rustica - the tobacco is particularly suitable for smokers of natural tobaccos who would like to try a tobacco variety that is otherwise rarely found on the market.


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5 of 5 Stars!Tony M., 06/23/2023
This is a good strong tobacco, excellent for the winter months. The initial taste and flavour on lighting was a bit of a shock to me at first, it reminded me of garden mulch, not that I'm in the habit of filling my pipe with compost, although my wife may from time to time disagree. This tobacco soon settles to a good rich smoke and I find a single flake very satisfying. One day, by chance, I picked up one of my many German clay pipe’s, the Americans have their cobs, but give me a clay as an alternative to briar any day, but I digress, filling a clay with Rustica, I found the initial lighting to be immediately tamed and the whole experience improved immensely. I can't say that this tobacco has a "good tobacco flavour" , although tobacco it truly is. It has its own distinct flavour and taste profile, certainly not an all day smoke, even if like me, you like tobacco strong, this beast could wear you out. It is however an excellent choice, in my humble opinion, during the winter month's especially if you want to know you've had a smoke, Rustica will not leave you wanting.

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