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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren Mixture Scottish Blend Pipe tobacco 250g Tin

Mac Baren Mixture Scottish Blend Pipe tobacco 250g Tin

Mac Baren Mixture Scottish Blend Pipe tobacco 250g Tin
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Mac Baren


Mixture Scottish Blend

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Virginia, Burley and Cavendish




Not mentioned

Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:



A little

Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:

Very good


Very good




Very good



Manufacturer Description: 
This unique blend is one of the leading blends in the world - and rightly so. Since the beginning in 1958 Mac Baren Mixture has become synonymous with smoking pleasure. Mixture eaf has its own special qualities and only by blending them the right proportions does Mixture achieve its unique taste. Mixture does not consist of one dominant taste, but a profusion of different nuances of taste that keep changing - all from a single tamp of tobacco. Mixture is a unique, slightly aromatic blend which you can enjoy allday long.

For on the go, the Mixture Scottish Blend is available in a practical pouch, but a storage container is also available. If you choose the usual round tin and open the paper rosette, you will see an evenly composed mixture under the cover sheet. A finely ground light and golden brown Ready Rubbed is mixed with dark brown small fibers, with some larger flaky leaves mixed in. The sweet, floral honey scent does not quite correspond to the manufacturer's specific aroma, but is surely reminiscent of it. A trace of excess moisture can be allowed to evaporate briefly before plugging.

The fine cuts of the Mixture Scottish Blend make plugging easy. However, you should remember that the compressed Ready Rubbed needs space to unfold, so you should choose a pipe that is not too small. If you then make sure not to plug it too tightly, the filling causes few problems afterwards.

Light up:
The Mixture Scottish Blend is easy to ignite. If the tamper is used lightly after the first flame to smoothen the surface, the second flame ensures an even glow.

Smoking  properties:
The Mixture Scottish Blend has a lush smoke, strong but not overwhelming. Smoky wood nuances combine with dark notes that range between chocolate and coffee. The natural, mild sweetness harmonizes just as well with the roasted bread aroma, which even increases as the smoke progresses. You want to think of juicy autumn fruits without being able to say exactly what they might be. This shows in an exemplary manner that a harmonious taste profile does not have to be monotonous, but can also offer something to experienced smokers. The balanced aroma invites you to sip the Mixture Scottish Blend comfortably. An approach that also helps with the flow of smoke. You hardly have to light it again anyway and the tobacco doesn't tend to become unpleasant on the tongue. However, you should let the aroma of the smoke work itself and not try to force it unnecessarily by smoking too hard. Because then there could be some gargling. After a spicy finish, the Mixture Scottish Blend extinguishes, leaving fine light ash, a few unburned crumbs and some condensation in the pipe.

The room note of the Mixture Scottish Blend is little influenced by the aroma, which is used discretely. Therefore, tobacco should be viewed as natural and appropriate consideration should be given to non-smoking society. However, the Mixture Scottish Blend is strong enough to be smoked in the fresh air without any loss of taste.

The Mixture Scottish Blend is visually and tastefully balanced. A homogeneous cut, medium brown color, a pleasant, classic-looking scent - that already harmonizes. The Mixture Scottish Blend is also easy to prepare. The flavor of the tobacco is conveyed through a full-bodied, lush smoke. This is strong, smoky, with wood and bitter notes, which are ideally rounded off by fine, juicy sweetness and toasted bread. Despite all the harmony, the Mixture Scottish Blend doesn't get boring, because as the smoke progresses, the stronger aromas gradually increase and invite you to smoke comfortably. Whether you smoke the Mixture Scottish Blend on a walk, with an espresso or whatever else comes to mind - the tobacco deserves to be enjoyed comfortably, because then it unfolds its full potential. You should have some experience, but it's worth it!


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