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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren Virginia No. 1 Ready Rubbed Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren Virginia No. 1 Ready Rubbed Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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Mac Baren


Virginia No. 1
Ready Rubbed

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:



Ready Rubbed Flake



Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:




Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good


Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description: 
In 1955, Virginia No.1 was introduced to pipe smokers around the world and today it is one of Mac Baren's classics. The natural sweetness of the carefully selected Virginia tobaccos stands out with every single spark of the unique blend. Accordingly, this Ready Rubbed mixture gives not only fresh and pleasant, but also slightly sweet smoking pleasure. Try the Virginia No. 1 and find out why Virginia No. 1 is valued as a Mac Baren classic.

While the version of the Virginia No.1 in the pouch is well suited to be put in the bag and taken with you, the larger tins are well suited to store the tobacco for a longer time - even broken. The Virginia No.1 is a medium to light brown, rather coarse Ready Rubbed whose scent awakens surprising associations with multivitamin juice. The moisture content of the freshly opened pack is so balanced that the tobacco can be plugged immediately.

For a Ready Rubbed, like the Virginia No.1, you should always be careful not being to firm or to over-fill the pipe. However, the Virginia No.1 can be quite easily plugged and ending with gentle pressure and a few loose crumbs makes the lighting easy.

Light up:
As with almost all Ready Rubbed, after the first flame, gently press the filling with the tamper before firing evenly again. The Virginia No.1 then burns down without problems.

Smoking  properties:
The Virginia No.1 is obviously based on a rather spicy tobacco and immediately delivers a luscious smoke. Fine pepper notes urge you not to become greedy, but the Virginia No.1 behaves much more tame than many other pure Virginia. In addition to the smoky spice, the typical roasted bread note for Virginia is pleasantly distinct and harmonizes very nice with the light natural sweetness that always resonates in the background. For a Virginia, the burning is very uncomplicated and without gargling, so that in the end only a few unburned, but somewhat sticky crumbs and little condensate remain.

The redolence of Virginia No.1 is for tobacco, but not intrusive, so it will not stand out, at least in society that tolerates smokers.

The Virginia No.1 is a brighter Ready Rubbed, which is a bit coarser, but does not cause any problems with plugging and lighting. Even in smoking, the Virginia No.1 is relatively easy, if you do not become overly greedy. Then because of its medium strength the tobacco is also suitable for beginners, for both pipe novices or smokers who want to get to know a pure Virginia. The Virginia No.1 is a very honest exponent of this direction, with straight flavors from the typical spectrum of smokiness, toasted bread and natural sweetness that give it a downright classic look. Neither does it offer great surprises, nor will it disappoint the connoisseur - as one would expect from a tobacco for every occasion.


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3 of 5 Stars!Zvonimir K., 10/01/2021
Roughly cut golden virginia and nothing more! The older the tobacco, the richer and deeper the aromas. When you open the can, you immediately smell the sweet smell of cut grass and honey, citrus is in the background. Due to the rough cut, the pipe is not easy to fill, everyone does not need to fill it with the gravity method. It is a little harder to ignite and requires more ignition during smoking. The aromas are promised when opening the can, the same is true when smoking. Tobacco burns very hot, the strength is quite strong and it will burn the mouth and tongue very easily. With these tobacco very experienced smokers can get hurt. This tobacco is always more to cook than to burn, the only way it will be okay and will not burn your mouth. This is good tobacco, but it takes a lot of smoking experience.

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