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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren Stockton Roll Cake Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren Stockton Roll Cake Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren Stockton Roll Cake Pipe tobacco 100g Tin
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Mac Baren


Stockton Roll Cake

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Virginia, Dark Fired Kentucky, Cavendish




Maple sugar

Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:

Very good






Very good


Manufacturer Description: 
Stockton is the doyen of Mac Baren Roll Cake tobaccos, and since its introduction in 1953 it has become the favourite tobacco of many pipe smokers. They consider Stockton to be the most satisfying of all the Mac Baren tobaccos.

In line with the old traditions associated with spun tobacco, Stockton Virginia is dominated. The tobaccos used in Stockton are whole leaves. The blend consists of approximately 60% Virginia tobacco from North America and 40% Dark Fired Kentucky. The natural sugar content of the Virginia tobaccos gives Stockton a slight sweetness that is finely balanced by the smoked, somewhat stronger taste of the Dark Fired Kentucky tobaccos.
Dark Fired Kentucky is a Burley tobacco, which after being air-cured in normal air is then further cured over smoke. The smoking process gives the tobacco a piquant smoked taste and the finishing touch is added by turning the tobacco into a Cavendish. As a result, the tobacco is slightly bitter and rounded in taste.
Now it may sound as if Stockton only consists of 2 different tobaccos, but this is not the case. As with all Mac Baren blends, Stockton also includes several different tobaccos from various regions and districts. When Henrik Halberg travels out to purchase the tobaccos from which spun tobacco is made, he pays particular attention to the look of the leaves. For Stockton, as well as our other spun tobaccos, it is an absolute requirement that the leaves are big, whole and have no holes. If there are holes in the leaves they cannot be spun into a durable ‘rope'. But finding whole leaves with no holes has become quite an art. These days tobacco is widely harvested by reapers and consequently small holes in the leaves are virtually inevitable. Henrik Halberg's task is therefore to find the tobacco farmers who are willing to carry out the time-consuming work of harvesting the tobacco leaves manually.
Stockton is characterised by every eye having a core of the black Dark Fired Kentucky. The dark tobacco contrasts nicely with the light, golden Virginia tobacco and the taste is a composition of sweetness with a smoky undertone. As with all spun tobaccos from Mac Baren, only a light coating of sugar is added so that the natural tobacco remains the dominant taste. When a pipe smoker fills his pipe with Stockton he is assured of enjoying a natural, satisfying taste. This is the closest the pipe smoker can get to the pure tobacco taste.
Stockton is an excellent example of pipe tobacco as it was smoked 300 years ago, making it a good representative of the old traditions that form the basis of spun tobaccos.
The Stockton Roll Cake is quite firmly pressed into the can, which is why the curlies are something sticking to each other, but this does not indicate excessive moisture - on the contrary, they are almost perfectly conditioned. From the can rises a pleasantly spicy and tart, dark-sounding fragrance and the dark brown, gold-flecked curlies increases with its almost black core of Dark Fired Kentucky evidence of careful preparation.

The Stockton Roll Cake can be rubbed and smoked as mixture, but by the unusual design as curly, it is advisable to bring them in halves or lightly crushed in the pipe to get the full benefit of this tobacco. As with all pressed tobaccos, this does not work with to firm pressure, as the tobacco rises slightly when heated. In the box you will find plenty of loose tobacco threads, placed at the top of the filling, they´ll take the flame quickly.

Light up:
Despite its apparent moisture the Stockton Roll Cake is very easy to ignite, if you do not have plugged too firmly. When requires even the surface after the first flame with the tamper, relight and a relaxed smoking pleasure is yours.

Smoking  properties:
The smoke of Stockton Roll Cake is surprisingly creamy and smooth, which is probably due to the Cavendish. Nothing pinches on the tongue, even if you fancy a careless pulls on the pipe. However, it reveals quite spicy notes: leather, fine acidity reminiscent of black bread, a smoky sweetness that probably comes from the maple sugar used, but absolutely not artificially comes along. The Stockton Roll Cake is a very easy way to smoke a curly tobacco. With its balanced moisture and fine workmanship it did not gargles, if one does not bring the pipe to glow and leaves fine gray ash. It is so mild and yet not boring that you would like a new pipe with it again.

However, in the the room the Stockton Roll Cake is real tobacco, while it has a weak sweetness. The tobacco could therefore be smoked in tolerant society.

The Stockton Roll Cake is a brown curly with a dark heart of fermented Cavendish Dark Fired Kentucky. Despite packed a little tight in the box, the tobacco can be removed and stuffed easily because its consistency is almost optimal. The balanced combination can still be found in the taste. During the Cavendish provides creamy smoke, the used Virginia and Kentucky gives tart and smoky notes, which are complemented by a pleasant maple sugar sweetness. The Stockton Roll Cake is thus to be spicy without a strong Latakia or Kentucky, while sweet to deteriorate without to be a high aromatic. Also, its ease of use and smoking characteristics makes it perfect for beginners who want to try a curly, but also experienced smokers will not find it boring.


Copyright © 2007 by TECON GmbH
with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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