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Mac Baren Black Ambrosia Loose Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren Black Ambrosia Loose Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren Black Ambrosia Loose Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin
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Mac Baren


Black Ambrosia Loose Cut

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Virginia und Cavendish


Loose Cut


Very good

Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:





Very good


Very good



Manufacturer Description: 
Ambrosia – just savouring the word elevates your expectations, because Ambrosia ”was the food of the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology”. In 1983 when our tobacco masters first tasted the new, mild Cavendish that they had developed, “Ambrosia” was the only proper word to use to describe the taste experience. They had been experimenting with a variety of raw tobaccos for a long time before they finally came up with the right blend. Virginia tobaccos from the third world were selected, each with its own unique qualities. Each one was an excellent tobacco in its own right, but only when they were blended together into a mild Cavendish did the pipe smoker experience something out of the ordinary. A rounded taste composed of the finest taste nuances, the natural sweetness supported by a completely new Mac Baren taste. This Cavendish was truly something extraordinary, and from its completion in 1983 right up to today it has been used in numerous new Mac Baren blends. The rounded, slightly sweetish Cavendish is widely known as: Modern Mac Baren Cavendish.

As the name suggests, Black Ambrosia contains a very high proportion of Modern Mac Baren Cavendish, with only a little loose cut light Virginia added. This blend consists solely of Virginia tobaccos, which is rather rare as the majority of blends contain a little Burley tobacco. But not Black Ambrosia, which is made of 100% Virginia tobacco – and yet the taste is still exquisite. As the last person to add to the taste, the tobacco master has been no less genial. Of course, the precise composition of the tobacco is a secret, but here is a hint: to complete the Modern Mac Baren Cavendish, the tobacco master has carefully added a blend of different fruit oils, and topping the finished blend is a touch of…? Taste it for yourself and discover what an extraordinary taste experience it offers. With a little prudence, Black Ambrosia could almost be described as: Food for the soul and the tobacco lover.
If you want to store the Black Ambrosia Loose Cut for a longer time, then you should opt for one of the versions in the larger tins. But to take along, the practical pouch is better. Also in this the tobacco is pleasantly loose and not firmly pressed. The use of mainly Cavendish, shows in the dominance of black-brown fibers, among middle brown parts are mixed in. The cut is wide, sometimes longer, but is also interspersed with especially lighter flaky parts. With its warm, sweet fragrance, the Black Ambrosia Loose Cut reminds of raisin buns. The near perfect moisture content makes it unnecessary to pre-dry the tobacco before it is plugged.

The Black Ambrosia Loose Cut proves to be somewhat bulky during plugging, despite the Loose Cut contained in thicker leaf parts, so you should proceed with care, if giving the tobacco down easily into the pipe and ending with only gentle pressure.

Light up:
Already with the first flame one should be careful to ignite the surface evenly. If you then use the tamper to smoothen the surface of the Black Ambrosia Loose Cut, the second flame carefully used forms a glow that lasts until the end of the filling.

Smoking  properties:
The smoke of the Black Ambrosia Loose Cut is tobacco-spicy. The use of Virginia can be tasted in the toasted bread notes, but also nutty aromas are noticeable and make the course of the smoke varied. In addition to the rather spicy aromas, there is also a dark-toned sweetness that looks quite natural. Thus, the Cavendish preparation gives the smoke a pleasant feeling of rounded fullness. The broad fibers glimmer down very calmly, leaving only some ashes of medium gray and little condensate that hardly do any cleaning work.

In the room, the smoke of the Black Ambrosia Loose Cut shows up to be tobacco and only very light sweet, so that it presupposes tolerant society.

Although the darkly held Black Ambrosia Loose Cut appears to be a perfectly conditioned Loose Cut, the slightly inconsistent cut requires some attention when plugging and igniting. With a little practice, however, this also succeed beginners who should have no problems with its moderate strength and the burning behavior. The cold scent is sweeter than the flavor that is tasted later. In addition to the usual aromas of toasted bread and nut, the warm aroma of the Cavendish completes the overall picture harmoniously. Even the quiet burning invites you to enjoy this tobacco relaxed, so that you can smoke it incidentally - but that would be almost a pity.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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