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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren Roll Cake Spun Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren Roll Cake Spun Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren Roll Cake Spun Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin
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Mac Baren


Roll Cake Spun Cut

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Virginia, Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia


Curly Cut


Not specified

Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:




Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:

Very good




Very good




Manufacturer Description: 
A deluxe roll cake tobacco blended from spun, ripe Virginia, Cavendish and Burley tobaccos. A unique composition. Many pipe smokers know this blend but under the former name – Royal Twist. The change of name from Royal Twist to Roll Cake took place in 1990.
Quite specially selected Virginia-leaves are used as an envelope for all our spun tobaccos. The main tobaccos in Roll Cake are Virginia and the original Mac Baren Cavendish. A touch of Burley and Syrian Latakia make Roll Cake a unique smoking experience. As with all our spun tobaccos only a soft top flavor has been added. You will not come any closer the natural tobacco flavor than with this tobacco.

The Roll Cake Spun Cut smells of the already to be called typical to the manufacturer, warm honey aroma. Due to its production out of small finger-sized tobacco strands which were cut into approximately 1 mm thick slices (curlies), the interior of each slice varies in its composition. The curlies are medium brown with larger golden inclusions and a small, irregularly distributed, black brown core. Since the curlies are firmly pressed into the can, one might think that the tobacco is sticky and humid, but in fact, the tobacco tends to be dry and can be stuffed and smoked in the pipe immediately.

The Roll Cake Spun Cut can be easily rubbed out and smoked as a Mixture, but its unusual design as a Curly cut allows to halve the curlies or bring them lightly crushed into the pipe to appreciate the peculiarity of this tobacco. Firm pressure is not advisable as with all pressed tobaccos, as the tobacco rises under the heat of the flame and might otherwise trickle burning on the edge of the pipe. Loose tobacco threads from the tin as a completion of the filling, take the flame more rapid than the compact curlies.

Light up:
The Roll Cake Spun Cut requires more flames, until a uniform glow is generated. A smoothing of the surface with the tamper is essential, bacause the tobacco expands strongly and also during smoking the glow should be pressed to the glow gently, so that the tobacco gets better contact with it.

Smoking  properties:
The smoke of the Roll Cake Spun Cut reveals immediately the origin of the tobacco. The sweet, typical Mac Baren aroma is unmistakable, even if the manufacturer speaks of a delicate flavoring. It remains until the end. In addition the natural tobacco spice also takes it part that oscillates between austere nuttiness and roasted bread aromas. If the light up does not require as much attention and it would not be necessary occasionally using the tamper, then could the Roll Cake Spun Cut comfortably be smoked by passing. Its strength is to be settled in the central region and because of the curly-form the tobacco is smoldering for a long time. The medium gray ash and the few unburned crumbs make little effort in cleaning, since hardly any condensation occurs.

The room note of the Roll Cake Spun Cut is unremarkable, slightly sweet and should not be bothersome in society.

The Roll Cake Spun Cut is a Curly Cut in the various shades of brown. It betrays its origins in both the aroma and the smoke. The Mac Baren flavor, sweet, warm and honeyed is unmistakable and supports the natural tobacco flavors that are reminiscent of toast and nuts. Its moderate strength and calm burning behavior make the Roll Cake Spun Cut to a good tobacco for passing, if there would not be the somewhat complicated lighting and the need of tamping during the smoke. But who is looking for a typical Mac Baren tobacco, which is outstanding because of its natural flavors and its unusual design, will find in the Roll Cake Spun Cut his favor.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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