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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren The Solent Mixture Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren The Solent Mixture Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Mac Baren The Solent Mixture Pipe tobacco 100g Tin
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Mac Baren


The Solent Mixture

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Aromatic with Latakia



Tobacco species:

Virginia, Latakia, Burley, Cavendish





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good




Very good



Manufacturer Description: 
Solent Mixture is part of the ”English Mixture” category, meaning that it is a Virginia dominated tobacco spiced with Latakia tobacco. For further information about Latakia tobacco.

The inspiration for this mixture came to Jørgen Halberg as far back as late 1948, but not until two years later was Solent Mixture fully developed. But exactly what is it that makes Solent Mixture stand out from so many other Latakia mixtures?
Back in those early days, most pipe smokers smoked tobacco containing varying quantities of Latakia tobacco. Some mixtures contained up to 60% Latakia tobacco, with the result that these tobaccos were totally dominated by the very strong taste of Latakia and a strong aroma would pervade the room. No doubt many pipe smokers found that their spouses objected to the strong smell of the tobacco and that others in the room found the air to be rather unpleasant. Jørgen Halberg had encountered this problem on numerous occasions, which inspired him to develop Solent Mixture. His idea was to develop a Virginia dominated tobacco with sufficient Latakia content to give the pipe smoker the right taste, but which left a more pleasant air in the room - a compromise between the pipe smoker and his surroundings. In other words, a tobacco where the pipe smoker could enjoy the good taste of Latakia without having to endure jibes about the smell.
Today, just as in 1950 when it was first developed, Solent Mixture consists of 9 different Virginia tobaccos that make up 75% of the mixture. The very special flavour comes from the approximately 15% Syrian Latakia tobacco used in the mixture. Latakia tobacco originates from Syria and through all these years Mac Baren has consistently used the original Latakia tobacco, despite the subsequent appearance on the market of cheaper imitations. To conjoin the sweet Virginia tobaccos and the strong Latakia, Jørgen Halberg developed a unique Cavendish. Using an age-old process, dark-fired Kentucky tobaccos were converted into a flavour-intensive Cavendish. Indeed, the Cavendish developed by Jørgen Halberg is the tobacco that today we call “Mac Baren Original Cavendish”. Exactly which tobaccos go into the making of Original Cavendish and how they are processed is a secret that we keep to ourselves.
The different tobaccos were now ready and as a final flavour enhancer Jørgen Halberg chose a dark Jamaica rum, which is added after the tobaccos have been mixed together. When the pipe smoker fills his pipe with Solent Mixture, its perfect flavour is his to savour and enjoy: the sweetness of the Virginia tobaccos, the strength of the Latakia tobacco, the slightly bitter smoked flavour of the Original Cavendish, all bound together with an excellent Jamaica rum.
It is not without good reason that Solent Mixture is still to be found among Mac Baren tobaccos, despite its doyen status.
The The Solent Mixture looks a bit damp when opened, but the mixture pressed tightly into the tin is ideal to be filled into the pipe and smoked directly. The light brown to brown, reddish and black tobaccos exude the sweet-smelling rum flavoring used. The tart spicy-smoky Latakia is to be smelled, too.

The The Solent Mixture can be plugged easily. Simply take the required amount from the  tin, loosen a little and bring it into the pipe. At the bottom plug not too tight, then with more pressure as usual. As the tobacco tends to rear up under the flame, have some space to the edge of the chamber, thus falling out burning crumbs when lighting.

Light up:
The Solent Mixture can easily catch fire. One to two flames and a gentle smoothing with the tamper should be sufficient to uniformly set it on fire.

Smoking  properties:
For an english tobacco The Solent Mixture surprises with a tender sweetness that is transported from the wonderfull creamy, rich smoke. But the Latakia is not about glossed over by the used rum flavoring, but only softer. Thus, throughout the filling there is a continuous fine spicy aroma, which also can become stronger from time to time, thereby revealing the tamed, but quite true English. The burning is very calm and hardly requires  attention, like the very fine light gray ash (typically for Latakia) and barely existing condensate take not a lot of work when cleaning.

As promised by the manufacturer, The Solent Mixture avoids the usual tart typical English room note and should therefore not be bothersomeIn a tolerant society.

The Solent Mixture is a mixture of Virginia, Burley, Cavendish and Latakia. The brown, reddish and black tobaccos are a bit damp, but are well conditioned and smell of sweet  rum and spicy Latakia. In fact there are just these flavors in the smoke again. Whether that its sweetness stems from the Virginia or owed to the flavor, can not quite fixed, but wins the Latakia in softness without sacrificing its interesting smoky spiciness. This in conjunction with the ease of handling recommends The Solent Mixture for beginners who want to "get a taste" in the English direction, as well as for experienced smokers who want a simple but not boring English for every day. And on the compared to other tobaccos with Latakia harmless redolency also makes non-smokers happy.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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