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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren Virginia Flake - Flake Cut Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Mac Baren Virginia Flake - Flake Cut Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

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Mac Baren


Virginia Flake
Flake Cut

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic


Light - Medium

Tobacco species:

Virginia and Burley





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good


Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description: 
Virginia Flake is a tobacco with a unique character that gives unparalleled pleasure. When the pipe is filled as flake tobacco should be and it is burning slowly and evenly, there is but one thing to do - lean back and enjoy the flavour experience. Virginia Flake contains what many pipe smokers set great store by: a slowly burning tobacco with a sweet, slightly fruity flavour that also tends to gain approval from other people close by.
It is not without reason that Virginia Flake boasts these qualities. The basis for the blend is found in the raw tobaccos from three continents, carefully selected according to the qualities that each individual tobacco adds to the blend. As the name suggests, the majority of the raw tobacco used is Virginia. And it is of prime importance which Virginia tobaccos are used. The natural sugar content and aromatic substances in the raw tobacco must be 100% harmonised for Virginia Flake to be the tobacco that it is. To complete the blend, a small number of specially selected Burley tobaccos are added.
The blend is pressed according to time-honoured tradition. Flake tobacco is like fine wine: if nature's raw materials are not allowed sufficient time to develop and mature, the result is less than optimal. This is why the production of flake tobacco is a time consuming and costly process, albeit one that is essential to bringing out its best qualities.
Smoking a good tobacco is not something reserved for the privileged few, but respect must be accorded to nature's raw materials and to the craftsmanship that makes the tobacco what it is. Flake tobacco is not intended for a quick pipe smoke; it has been created for conscious enjoyment. Simply the process of correctly filling your pipe with this exquisite tobacco raises your expectations - and Virginia Flake certainly realises them.
The Virginia Flake is as usual for Mac Baren in the tin once again packed in gold paper and very accurately cut. The regular slices are light- and gold-brown, with medium-brown inclusions. The Flakes exude a sweet, almost chocolatey aroma, are very easy to take apart and can be stuffed immediately.

The Virginia Flake has been perfected by the manufacturer both in shape and consistency to give it bend and folded into the pipe. But also rubbed out, the tobacco is easy and uncomplicated to smoke.

Light up:
The Virginia Flake is as easy to light as to plug: giving fire, then the surface is smoothed lightly with the tamper and then evenly spread the flame again over it, then the Virginia Flake burns calmly until the end of the filling.

Smoking  properties:
The Virginia Flake as well as the preparation does not demand as much attention during smoking. The smoke is pleasantly mild, showing fine aromas of roasted bread and a pleasant, seemingly natural sweetness typical of good Virginias. In contrast to many solo Virginias, the Virginia Flake is hardly at risk of tongue bite or gargling. After a uncomplicated burning down, the pipe is only to be cleaned of some medium gray ash and hardly condensate.

The room note of the Virginia Flake is for natural tobacco, so the society should tolerate smokers, if one does not want to be noticed unpleasantly.

The Virginia Flake is a gold-brown, finely marbled flake, which has the perfection of Mac Baren in manufacturing. This is aimed at as simple a preparation as possible. And as expected, the plugging and lighting, as well as the smoking process, is so simple that the Virginia Flake offers itself as the ideal tobacco for every occasion. The very pleasant smoking properties for a Virginia, as well as the mild, typical sweetish flavour of roasted bread, make the Virginia Flake very suitable for beginners in the world of pure Virginias and also Flake novices.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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