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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren Mixture Flake - Flake Cut Pipe tobacco 50g Pouch

Mac Baren Mixture Flake - Flake Cut Pipe tobacco 50g Pouch

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Mac Baren


Mixture Flake
Flake Cut

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia, Burley and Original Mac Baren Cavendish





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:

Very good


Very good


Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description: 
When Mixture was introduced in 1958 it was considered a revolution in pipe smoking.

Now – many years later you can enjoy the famous Mixture taste in this Mixture Flake. Mixture Flake is made from more than 35 different tobacco leaves from different parts of the world. Mixture Flake consists of selected Virginia and Burley tobacco and touch of the original Mac Baren Cavendish. Each leaf has its own special qualities and only by blending and pressing them in the right proportions does Mixture Flake achieve its unique taste.
Mixture Flake provides a complex, evolving flavor profile. Not one taste dominates, but rather, many different flavours come and go. It is a unique, slow burning, slightly aromatic flake which you can enjoy all day long.

The Mixture Flake is – as mentioned in the desciption above – packed in a pouch, but in an unusual, very careful way. There is still in the actual pouch a shell of thin plastic with an aluminum cover to tear, so that at least until the first opening an airtight storage is guaranteed. After that it can be transported loosely in the pouch or you can give it in a tightly sealable container. The rather narrow Flakes are very clean cut and in two stacks next to each other in the plastic shell. The slices are evenly marbled light, medium and dark brown and exude a pleasant fruity-chocolaty fragrance that looks quite natural and not intrusive sweet. The manufacturer pays attention not only to a perfect cut, but also to the fact that the Flakes can be plugged immediately. This is also the case with the Mixture Flake, as its moisture content is very balanced despite a certain elasticity.

Due to its good cut and its elasticity, the Mixture Flake can be easily taken out of the package and brought bent and folded into the pipe. Of course, you can smoke it as a Ready Rubbed following your own preference or shaped loose balls or the like. The Mixture Flake makes plugging very easy in any case.

Light up:
As is common with Flakes, the compressed tobacco rises under the heat of the first flame and should be smoothed softly with the tamper. If you give fire evenly a second time you will get an uniform glow that lasts until the end of the filling.

Smoking  properties:
The smoke of the Mixture Flake is initially very soft and mild, almost cool. In the further course of smoking, however, the tobacco is spicier, delicately tart and smoky, but without becoming too heavy. Very clearly represented are bread flavors that suggest good Virginia, as they remind both in taste of juicy fresh bread, as well as roasted one. A slight nuttyness betrays the Burley, also the Mixture Flake is slightly smoky too, which harmonizes very pleasantly with the bread flavors. The flavoring used is reminiscent of the company-typical aroma often circumscribed with honey, but is very restrained and serves with its subtle sweetness only the rounding of the basic tobaccos. The burning is also due to the careful production of the Flakes very even, quiet and does not cause any problems. The resulting bright ash is very fine, so you have to take care not to blow it. Apart from some unburned tobacco crumbs sticking in the pipe, there is a relatively low amount of condensate and thus the overall cleaning is rather uncomplicated.

The redolence of the Mixture Flake is for tobacco, but the sweetish aroma is so clearly smelled, that the tobacco in tolerant society should not necessarily attract attention.

The appetizingly scented Mixture Flake marbled in all shades of brown is not only suitable for beginners due to the accurate manufacturing. The smoke will not overtax anyone. Although it starts mildly, the tobacco is spicier in the course of the smoke, but never excessive. On the contrary, the Flake is very balanced and characterized mainly by bread flavors that sometimes appear juicy, sometimes roasted, which guarantees an interesting course of smokeing. Also, the aroma is not such that only lovers of flavored Mixtures would feel addressed. The manufacturer has understood it almost perfectly, to give the company-specific aroma of his classic Mixture to the Flake supportive and rounding off so there is not the impression to smoke something unnatural. This makes the Mixture Flake a tobacco that you should definitely try.


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