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Samuel Gawith
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Samuel Gawith Fire Dance Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Samuel Gawith Fire Dance Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

Samuel Gawith Fire Dance Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Tin
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Samuel Gawith


Fire Dance Flake

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:





Blackberry, Brandy, Vanilla

Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:



Very good




Very good


Manufacturer Description:
Firedance is our Best Brown 6" Flake subtly flavoured with a combination of Blackberry, Brandy and Vanilla. The smoke is a cool experience with the fruit the predominant flavour, the Brandy in the background and rounded off with the Vanilla. A cool and fruity smoke with the strength of Best Brown and a very pleasing room aroma.

After opening the tin the Fire Dance Flake appears as bright to dark brown flecked, thin slices in the for SG flakes typical two rows of 7.5 to 2.5 cm. The berry flavour is remarkable immediately and covers any smell of tobacco or other flavours, whereby the smell reminds more to currant than blackberry. The slices are rather thin but stable and feel slightly sticky and dampish.  

The Fire Dance Flake can be stuffed easily with various methods. It could be bend and folded in portions and turned into the tobacco chamber or rubbed off and stuffed fluffily. As most flakes it should not be stuffed to compressed, because it'll expand a little bit while burning down.

Light up:
The flake could be light up easily with 1 to 2 flames. Depending on the stuff method it tends a little bit to straighten after lighting up. After pressing down with the tamper and re-ignite it glows even to the end.

Smoking  properties:
The Fire Dance Flake should be smoked with some attention, so it would not get too hot. Too much heat displaces any flavor development and the tobacco then tends to bite on the tongue. Smoked slowly and cool the strong berry flavour is remarkable immediately. The Virginia is recognizable as a slight sparkling taste, brandy and vanilla, however, can only be guessed at. Towards the end of a filling the flavour decrease and more tobacco taste comes to the front. The tobacco glows down very equal with surprisingly less condensate. The remaining ash is medium grey with some black spreckles. 

The redolence of the Fire Dance Flake is dominated by the strong fruity flavour with a subliminal sweetness. A pleasant scent that is expected of an aromatic tobacco and which lets the tobacco appear to be suitable for most occasions.

The Fire Dance Flake is a typical SG flake with bright to dark brown colour and something too much damp. The strong berry flavour dominates the tobacco in both taste and redolance. The other flavours, brandy and vanilla, round off the sweetness and the sparkling Virginia gives a pleasant combination. The Fire Dance Flake needs a little bit attention to it's temperatur but it's rather good-natured with good burning down behavior. The development of condensat is surprisingly less. The tobacco results in a balanced redolance, which should make it welcome on the most occassions. The Fire Dance Flake is recommended to experienced smokers, who'll like aromatic tobaccos, as well as to experimental beginners, who doesn't shy away the handling of a (dampish) flake.


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