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Kopp Tobaccos
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Meistermischung Nr. 11 Honey/Rum/Plum Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Meistermischung Nr. 11 Honey/Rum/Plum Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Meistermischung Nr. 11 Honey/Rum/Plum Pipe tobacco 100g Tin
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Kopp Tobaccos


Nr. 11 Honey / Rum / Plum

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Dark Cavendish, Virginia




Honey, Jamaica Rum, Plum

Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good




Very good


Manufacturer Description:
A basic mixture of Danish Dark Cavendish mixed with normal and width cut Virginias and improved with aromas of honey, Jamaica rum and plum. Discreet fruity smoking pleasure.

After the tin was opened the tobacco represent itself as a rather dark mixture with a cut in different width and length. The aroma is difficult to classify, but it reminds in relation to the rum of mellow sweet preserved plums. Thereby the aroma isn’t too distinctive. The tobacco feels comfortable mellow and good conditioned.

Due to the cut the Meistermischung No. 11 is easy to plug, whereby it could even be plugged a little bit more compact, without the risk of too much resistance.

Light up:
The Meistermischung No. 11 could be light up easily with one or two flames. A short dampen down with the tamper is enough to let the tobacco glow equally.

Smoking  properties:
By light up the tobacco the aromatic character is remarkable immediately. A mellow, sweet and fruity taste comes up, so that the taste of tobacco is nearly not remarkable. In the aftertaste a nutty nuance from the Cavendish is remarkable. Burning down is constant and slow, whereby one should keep an eye to the temperature, so that the tobacco will not be smoked too hot. Otherwise the aromatic taste will change to an acidly biting on the tongue. The Meistermischung No. 11 glows down without any problem and with less condensate, whereby the aroma is nearly constant to the end. In the second half the taste of honey comes more to the front. After the tobacco died down a dry balance of medium grey ash with some darker parts remains.  

The redolence is discreet sweetly, whereby honey and plum from the aromas and nut from the Dark Cavendish are remarkable. Due to this mixture an unobtrusive, pleasing smell results, which should be welcome to the most societies. Therefore this tobacco is suited for any opportunity, where the enjoyment of tobacco is allowed.

The Meistermischung No. 11 is a rather dark mixture of Cavendish and Virginia with an explicit but unobtrusive aroma, which reminds of mellow, sweetly preserved plums. The Handling is both while plugging and light up uncomplicated. Burning down is slowly and cool, whereby it could be necessary to keep an eye to the temperature. The aroma is nearly constant to the end, whereby in the second half honey is definitely more in the front. The tobacco glows down with less condensate to a balance of medium grey ash with some darker parts. In due to the well balanced aromas this tobacco is suited for the most opportunities. It’s recommended for beginners who’ll smoke with a little bit more attention. For advanced smokers it could be a welcome alternation, but it’s barely suited as an “all-days-tobacco”.  


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with friendly support of Heinz-Günter Döteberg

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