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Kopp Tobaccos
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Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend Pipe tobacco 200g Tin

Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend Pipe tobacco 200g Tin

Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend Pipe tobacco 200g Tin
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Kopp Tobaccos


Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

English with Latakia



Tobacco species:

Virginia and Latakia





Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good 


Very good




Very good



Manufacturer Description:
A traditional English mixture consisting of Virginias with Latakia. This recipe results in an absolutely satisfying smoke.

Under the paper rosette you will find a cardboard cover pressed firmly onto the tobacco, but this is not damp. The Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend is evenly composed of frizzy, narrower and medium-wide cuts in golden and dark brown tones. The scent is intense and rises with power from the open tin into the nose. It is sweet, but with a strong smoky note that makes you think of burning autumn leaves in cool air. Since the tobacco still contains a certain amount of moisture, it should be allowed to dry for some time before plugging to promote the burning.

The Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend is easy to plug due to the even cut pattern. The usual method is to start at the bottom with gentle pressure and get firmer towards the top.

Light up:
If the Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend has been pre-dried and carefully plugged, it takes the flame well. If you gently press the resulting bed of embers with the tamper and light the fire again, you will achieve lasting, even embers.

Smoking  properties:
The Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend shows a surprising, natural sweetness. Especially the Virginia of a very mild variety can be tasted here. Underneath lies a spice that is more associated with English mixtures. If you don't smoke the Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend too greedily, the Latakia provides a cool smoke that is reminiscent of autumn fires. This aroma characterizes the entire smoking process. Only towards the end does the Latakia appear even spicier, quite strong, yet without being overwhelming. When smoked in a relaxed manner, the Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend leaves only some fine, light-colored ash and little condensate in the pipe. This makes cleaning very easy.

The Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend is also rather mild in the smoke. Still, the essence of Latakia is noticeable, so one should conduct oneself appropriately to its society.

The Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend is a rather finely cut, even mixture of golden and almost black tobaccos, which appear stronger in their fragrance than they ultimately are. You shouldn't be put off, because nobody has to worry about being overwhelmed by the Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend. If smoked patiently, the tobacco is even remarkably mild. The Latakia behaves cool and delicately spicy. It is more smoky than ethereal, but not overly powerful. The fine Virginia rounds this off with a good portion of natural sweetness. This makes the Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend an English blend suitable for smokers who want a Latakia for every occasion. Even those who want to try their hand at English tobaccos will find a good start in the Cremon Mixture Latakia Blend, which invites them to further discovery.


Copyright © 2007 by TECON GmbH
with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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