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W.Ø. Larsen
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from manufacturer W.Ø. Larsen
W.Ø. Larsen 1864 Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

W.Ø. Larsen 1864 Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

W.Ø. Larsen 1864 Pipe tobacco 100g Tin
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W.Ø. Larsen



Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Virginia, Black Cavendish and Burley


Loose Cut


No informations

Tongue agreeableness:


Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good




Very good



Manufacturer Description: 
An exclusive mixture of selected raw tobaccos from the best cultivation areas of three continents. The finely tuned Virginia tobaccos from the USA and Malawi are mixed with a Black Cavendish and Mexican Burley leaf material. Refined with excellent aromas, this luxury Mixture offers a delicate, sweet-sweet flavor and the absolute smoking experience.

The 1864 is in a noble tin with rounded ground and a plug on lid, which unfortunately does not close airtight. The medium-width and long cutted Loose Cut with finely grated Ready Rubbed portions is light to medium brown with darker portions and comes in a golden cellophane bag, which is welded but can not be closed again, so that the tobacco should be filled into an air-tight container. This is also recommended to keep the fresh, citrus fragrance, smelling for nuts and cloves, as well as the almost perfect moisture.

The 1864 is easy to fill into the pipe due to the finely grounded Ready Rubbed portions. Only from plugging too tight, you should distance.

Light up:
A single flame is sufficient for 1864 to ignite it into an uniform ember.

Smoking  properties:
The 1864 burns cool and calm, the used Virginia shows the typical bread aromas of this type of tobacco combined with the nuttiness of the Burley, while a pleasant smoky spice remains rather in the background. In the further smoking process, this flavor becomes more powerful, without the actual Virginia aromas being pushed aside. However, a special flavor is not to taste, but this is not a disadvantage. In the meantime, the 1864 should be gently tamped in order to bring the embers closer to the tobacco and thus achieve a uniform burning. A bright, very fine ash remains.

The room note of the 1864 is slightly sweet, so that non-smokers may not be disturbed by the "typical smell of a pipe".

The 1864 comes in a noble tin, but should be transferred into a airtight vessel. The 1864 is easy to prepare and to smoke. Its aromas are uncomplicated and full-bodied also, which are probably less caused by the distinctly discreet aromatics than are due to the use of good basic tobaccos. Medium-strong tobaccos are expecting the smoker, with typical Virginia aromas of bread, nutty burley and pleasantly smoky tobacco spices, which becomes more distict in the course of smoking. The 1864 may be a rather un
spectacular tobacco, but it is not to call boring and will not disappoint if you do not expect a high-aromatic.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

5 of 5 Stars!Athanasios S., 06/08/2020
an amazing tobacco from W.O. Larsen, combining all essential kinds of tobacco (Virginia, Burley, Cavendish) with a well rounded, if kinda nutty, finish very pleasant room note, and easy-smoking, leaves a perfect ash and perfectly dried and matured an all-rounder, and an excellent introduction to W.O. Larsen pipe tobaccos, a pioneer in the field oh, and Esterval's Pipe House, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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