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HU-tobacco Krater-Plug Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

HU-tobacco Krater-Plug Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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19,90 €
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Contents: 0,10 Kg
1 Kg = 199,00 €
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Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia, Perique and Kentucky





Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:



A little

Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good


Very good


Very good


Manufacturer Description:
The Krater-Plug is a medium strong, pleasantly sweet and spicy plug tobacco. For experienced pipe smokers it is an absolute dream. Although it is suitable for not so savvy smokers due to its pleasant strength and its good-natured smoking properties. A temptation for every connoisseur who just wants to make experience with a plug and does not want to be overwhelmed by overpowering strength. Not too strong, but also not lightweight, not too sweet but not too spicy. In short, well balanced and simply delicious. The Krater-Plug perfectly complements the classic Krater-Flakes.

In the round tin with pressure lid, the Krater-Plug is a small, clean cut block of approx. 6 x 4.5 x 3.5cm. The sides of this brownie-like plug are marbled in dark and medium brown and interspersed with lighter speckles and inclusions. If you take a look at the appetizing block, you will be reminded of dried raisins and apricots, which points to the high-quality Virginia, which forms the basis of this unusual tobacco. The compressed form of the tobacco is – when cut later - elastic and looks a bit damp, but then you can smoke the tobacco immediately after further preparation.

Since the Krater-Plug is a solid block of tobacco, you first have to bring it into a ready to smoke state. Important are - in addition to some skill - especially a sharp knife and a solid surface, such as a wooden or plastic board. Place the Krater-Plug on the board and cut slices of the desired thickness from the tobacco block. These slices can now be rubbed into a Ready Rubbed or you can bring the small flakes bent and folded in the pipe.

Light up:
As with "ordinary" Flakes or Ready Rubbed Mixtures, it is also necessary with the corresponding "preparation forms" of the Krater-Plug smoothing the surface with the tamper after extinguishing the first flame, then evenly again to give fire, which then results in a steady ember.

Smoking  properties:
As you can expect in its original appearance, the Krater-Plug delivers just such aromas. The smoke is soft but hearty and shows a very balanced taste, which is made up of the properties of the tobaccos used. From strong tobacco flavor and smokiness to roasted aromas, coupled with a subtle sweetness to unusual, but very interesting echoes of leather and wood ranges the spectrum. The Krater-Plug burns down calmly, if you use the tamper from time to time to bring the embers closer to the smoldering tobacco, then leaving only fine, light ash and only a little condensate in the pipe.

The handling with boards and knives will make for oblique eyes in public anyway. If you have already prepared the Krater-Plug, you can smoke the tobacco in tolerant society, as the smell in the room is for tobacco but not overwhelmingly strong. In cozy rounds of like-minded people, however, the Krater-Plug is in best hands and will also provide admirable glances with its unusual preparation ritual.

The Krater-Plug is already in a class of its own, and so the block tobacco is reminiscent of a brown marbled, appetizing fragrant brownie is mainly suitable for experienced smokers with a sense of something special. The preparations are a rustic process, which one may like to understand as a ceremony for the consumption of a tobacco in the most original condition. And even in the smoke, the Krater-Plug does not disappoint the expectations it raises: it is strong, however not burdensome, but complex. More intensive and milder notes harmonize excellently with each other and will delight every tobacco enthusiast!


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5 of 5 Stars!Tony M., 01/11/2019
Well I couldn't taste any Perique or Kentucky, if it was there it was applied with the lightest of hands, but what I did taste was an absolutely superb Virginia, a little on the mild side when it comes to vitamin N, which barely made it to medium in strength. It must be noted in all fairness, that during these winter months I smoke very heavy tobacco's, so the lightness of this plug came almost as a surprise, this will make a superb summertime smoke, absolutely no bite and very easy to prepare. I could confidently recommend this to those who want to try Virginia and plugs, and also seasoned plug and Virginia smokers. I will definitely be buying this again and I think a few tins put away now should age nicely for the summer.

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