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HU-tobacco Dark Sea Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

HU-tobacco Dark Sea Pipe tobacco 50g Tin

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Dark Sea

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia, Kentucky, Burley,
Perique and Latakia


Ready Rubbed


Rum and Anis

Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:










Manufacturer Description:
Bookcases are so much more than just storage space. The physically tangible spines of books are placeholders for valuable memories. Some books were gifts when I was a child, others are still from my parents - a journey through time into my own past. Sure, Karl May was set and of course adventure books that tell of wild seas and even wilder characters. Who didn't want to be a seafarer on the seven seas as a child? Surrounded by endless water and the chance to tell exciting stories. The moonlight is reflected in the dark water, wild sea shanties are sung and a bottle of rum makes the rounds. Well, a sailor's blend is needed. A blend as rough and wild as the oceans, as sweet and spicy as the rum in the grog of wild adventurers, as unmistakable and striking as the face of an old sea dog tanned by sun, wind and sea. A blend composed of strong Kentucky tobaccos, earthy Burleys, Perique and various Virginia grades and spiced with a touch of Latakia... Well, and a bottle full of rum - this was rounded off very subtly with aniseed in the blend.

So nothing for novice sailors and landlubbers, nothing for aesthetes and cowards, to use seaman's language. The "Dark Sea Blend" is a striking mixture that already brings a decent strength due to the generous dosage of strong spice tobaccos. The combination with the aroma of the anise-rum mixture does not allow for boredom or one-dimensionality. The tobacco taste is in the foreground, whereby the aromatization always has its say and gives the blend its maritime touch. The "Dark Sea Blend" is too good to be enjoyed in passing, simply because this mixture pushes itself into the center, is filling and at the same time exudes pure joie de vivre. A blend that does justice to both the hard life at sea and the preference for rather strong tobacco and rum - a pinch of wild adventure in everyday life. The flag is raised, the anchor weighed, all adventurers ready to hire? The sails hard in the wind towards the open sea. Ahoy and have fun comrades!

The "Dark Sea" Seemansblend is based on ready rubbed Virginias, Kentucky tobaccos, Burley, Perique and a touch of Latakia tobacco. The blend was seasoned with rum and an anise aroma, which underlines its natural character and gives it a maritime touch. The "Dark Sea" is not a lightweight, that would be a betrayal of the idea. It is a tobacco with present strength and a smart play of aromas and shows the seaman's life from its best side. So join the ship heading for adventure.

The round tin hides the Dark Sea, wrapped in a paper rosette. If you lift the cover paper, you don't see the specified Ready Rubbed, but rather a mixture of medium and dark brown fibers that are cut rather narrow and longer. Among them, however, there is plenty of Ready Rubbed marbled in different shades of brown, which has turned out to be a bit coarse. The scent is sweet and - unsurprisingly - alcoholic, reminiscent of spiced rum, which is clearly due to the aroma. Since the tobacco contains Ready Rubbed, it should be allowed to dry briefly before plugging, so that the moisture content can adjust.

The coarser pieces of the Ready Rubbed can be breaked up a little before plugging. Then the Dark Sea can be brought into the pipe loosely at the bottom and gently tighter towards the top using the usual method. The pipe should not be too small and give the tobacco room to develop.

Light up:
Since the Dark Sea contains larger pieces of Ready Rubbed, these will rear up a bit under the first flame. If you press them gently with the tamper and smooth the surface, you will achieve an even glow with the next flame.

Smoking  properties:
While the name suggests a primarily strong tobacco, the Dark Sea surprises with a fruity sweetness that shows hints of orange marmalade. This, as well as the grain-toned spice that is still present, can be attributed to the rum used for flavoring. A floral note can also be tasted, in which one can recognize the essential oils of anise. As one savors this interesting game of flavors, the Dark Sea burns down calmly, leaving dark, coarse ash behind. Since there is only little condensate, the pipe can be cleaned just as easily after a relaxed smoke.

The room note of the Dark Sea is not overly severe and softened by the aroma, but so natural that non-smoking company should be considered.

Blended with coarse Ready Rubbed, the Dark Sea blend is not as dark as the tobaccos used or the name might suggest. Plugged and lit with a little attention, the Dark Sea is a relaxed tobacco to smoke. The aroma delivers a fruity sweetness, which is rounded off with fine spice and thus pleasantly complements the full-bodied basic tobacco. Power and aroma come together here in a harmonious taste.


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