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Ron Millonario
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Ron Millonario 10 Aniversario Cincuenta Rum 50% vol. 0,7l

Ron Millonario 10 Aniversario Cincuenta Rum 50% vol. 0,7l

Ron Millonario 10 Aniversario Cincuenta Rum 50% vol. 0,7l
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Ron Millonario


10 Aniversario







Alcohol content:

50% vol.


10 Years



Ron Millonario 10 Aniversario Cincuenta
A WELL-KEPT SECRET IN THE HEART OF PERU. Myths and legends come together in a land of biodiversity cultivated by the ancient Incas. A volcanic land, kissed by the tropical sun, caressed by the sea breeze, and open to the majestic peaks amidst the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest.
A GENTLE CARESS OF THE SUN AND THE SEA. Only in this corner of the world could our sugarcane grow so strong and robust. In Peru, our harvest matures slowly and steadily, gathering its precious, sugary nectar, which is then processed into a molasses of the highest quality using traditional methods, embodying the true essence of the characteristic flavors and aromas of Ron Millonario.

Smell: Sweet, rich, and raisin-like fragrance.
Taste: Delightful fruit flavors (bananas, apricots, raisins), vanilla, and chocolate notes. On the palate, it is rich with a long-lasting finish.

The 10th-anniversary bottle of Ron Millonario: As a fresh and light rum, it represents the vibrant nightlife of Peru and is dedicated to joyful modernity. The heart of the recipe (about two-thirds of the rum) is aged for 6 years in ex-Bourbon barrels and then blended with the remaining third, a rum aged for 10 years in ex-Oloroso Sherry barrels.

The Ron Millonario 10 Aniversario Cincuenta is based on the same recipe, maturation, and blend as the 10 Aniversario Reserva, but it is bottled with a higher alcohol content to provide maximum flavor intensity. Its elevated alcohol content accentuates the dryness and wine-like aromas of the Sherry barrels.



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