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Rattrays Hal O The Wynd Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Rattrays Hal O The Wynd Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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19,10 €
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Contents: 0,10 Kg
1 Kg = 191,00 €
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Hal O The Wynd

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia, Kentucky, Perique


Ready Rubbed Flake



Tongue agreeableness:

agreeableness: Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good






Manufacturer Description:
Dark, sweet Virginia, fired Kentucky and a hint of spicy Perique are the main components of this hand-rubbed flake. Also the extensive production is an evidence of the high quality. Full-bodied tobacco with slightly sweetness – well-balanced, pleasing smoking properties – slow burning down.

Hal O' The Wynd is a medium brown, ready rubbed flake with a rather mild smell, where a hint of coarse rye bread is a portent of a small amount of Perique. Pleasing sweetish Virginia rounds the taste. The flake was rubbed as much, that Rattray’s typical, rather fine cut could be found in this mixture too. Thereby the tobacco feels mellow and with optimal humidity.  

Due to the fine cut this tobacco could be plugged at will. As a ready rubbed flake it may be recommended to twist portions between the fingers to fluffy bowls, which could be plugged with light pressure into the pipe. For the last layer one should take some additional crumbs to assure a good light up.

Light up:
This tobacco tends to straighten up. One to two flames will be needed, to get the first glow. After dampen down with the tamper, another flame will bring the final glow with a constant burning down. While the first minutes it may be necessary to dampen down the ash from time to time, until the tobacco doesn’t swell any more.

Smoking  properties:
The name Hal O’the Wynd joined with the history is chosen very well: Strong as a blacksmith at the ambos, but gentle to the maid. The tobacco has a strength, which couldn’t be expected by the smoking properties and the character of the tobacco! While a filling it’ll rather quick becomes apparent that this tobacco isn’t suitable for an empty stomach. But with a given base it’s an enjoyment! A lightly spicy taste with dominating parts of Virginia and a hint of earthy Perique spoil the palate. A little bit attention to the temperature is thanked by the tobacco with nuances which otherwise couldn’t be noticed in anyway. Doing so the tobacco glows good-natured and constant to a dry balance of bright, grey ash.  

The redolence is typical for naturally Virginia. A hint of sweetness, besides pure tobacco smell. For the surrounding rather unobtrusive and pleasing.

A tobacco, which is a credit to its name: Strong tobacco, but a mild taste and redolence. Smoked cool and with attention the Hal O’The Wynd evolves its single nuances: A lightly earthy taste of Perique, some spice from Kentucky and mostly mild sweetness of Virginia. A wonderful “all-days” tobacco, which however isn’t absolutely suitable for an empty stomach. Beginners should try it, but with the recommended attention related to the strength. The mild impression misleads! The Hal O’The Wynd is the stronger continuation of the series with Brown Clunee, Old Gowrie and Marlin Flake.


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