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W.Ø. Larsen
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W.Ø. Larsen Signature Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

W.Ø. Larsen Signature Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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27,50 €
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Contents: 0,10 Kg
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W.Ø. Larsen



Weight (net):




Tobacco type:

Light aromatic



Tobacco species:

Virginia and Burley


Loose Cut


Wild berries, vanilla and caramel

Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:

Very good

Cut quality:





Very good


Very good

Manufacturer Description: 
The finest treasures of traditionally matured Virginia tobaccos from the USA complement each other with the best Mexican Burley leafs and sweet-fragrant Virginia from Malawi to an incomparable taste experience. A fine-fruity blend with the aromas of wild berries, vanilla and caramel.

The noble-looking tin of the Signature has a rounded bottom and a cover to put on, which unfortunately is not air-tight. Even the golden cellophane bag in the tin is welded but can not be closed after the first opening, so that the tobacco should be transferred into a tight container. The scent is reminiscent of black tea, but the caramel flavor is also to smell, the sweet fruit smell, reminding less berries than pears and apricots. The very uniform light, medium and dark brown tobacco is rather short and wide cut, with partly quite coarse structures and pieces of leaf ribs, the moisture is almost perfect.

You should not fill the Signature too tightly into the pipe because of its rough cut. It is also advisable to grind the coarser strands or remove them altogether. There are no other complications with the tobacco.

Light up:
The Signature is so well conditioned that a single flame is sufficient to ignite the tobacco evenly. Unlike the rather rough structure to be expected, the Signature does not rise very much, which makes the process very simple.

Smoking  properties:
The Signature fills the mouth with a lush creamy smoke. Through the nose it flows so balsamically that one could think of Latakia, even if the manufacturer does not show it as a component of the Signature and this softness probably due to the vanilla and wild berries used. In spite of the creaminess, the aroma is spicy, less reminiscent of the aromas used, as delicately sweet, with a piquant note like caramelized roasted peanuts. The burning is calm and requires little attention, as is the subsequent cleaning, since only a little medium gray ash with few crumbs and hardly condensate remains.

The Signature smells in the room for tobacco, but also sweetly, so that non-smokers could tolerate this completely.

The Signature comes in an exclusive package, but should be filled into a airtight container. The somewhat coarse cut of the tobacco mixed in all brown tones is up to on the plugging no indication for difficulties with the smoking. On the contrary, this is surprisingly easy. So The Signature is also suitable for beginners and at any time because of its strength. However, one should not expect to smoke a high-flavored, but the flavors serve the support of the used tobaccos. Thus, in the creamy smoke, both spicy and caramel-like notes are found, which make the smoking pleasure particularly interesting. If you do not just have "appetite" for something sweet, but appreciate a good tobacco will not be disappointed by this tobacco.


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with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

5 of 5 Stars!Athanasios S., 07/07/2020
another amazing tobacco from W.O. Larsen, and an all too familiar to me personally (I have not been able to find it for more than 10 years, thank you Mr. Estervals!), an very aromatic tobacco, with a very fruity taste, but with a very even burn, and no tongue bite at all, may be too fruity for some, but I love it, since my other tobacco choice is the 1864, which is a far more robust and full aroma tobacco if anyone is keen on trying an aromatic, high quality pipe tobacco, this should be his/her first choice, even if you are a novice, it will work out just fine! an absolute gem of a tobacco, BUY IT NOW!

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