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Reiner Design
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Reiner Design Golden Flake Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

Reiner Design Golden Flake Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

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Reiner Design


Golden Flake

Weight (net):




Tobacco type:




Tobacco species:

Virginia, Burley and Perique


Long Flake



Tongue agreeableness:

Very good

Burning behavior:

Very good



Aroma constancy:


Cut quality:

Very good


Very good






Manufacturer Description:
A tobacco for connoisseurs… A very special blend of golden Virginia from the USA and from South-East-Africa with a little “white” Burley. A touch of Perique rounds the pure tobacco taste. Long flake slices, rolled.

Rolled like a snail the Golden Flake is nestled into the round tin as a long, 4cm wide strip of Flake. The tin is closed with a metal clamp lid and additionally with a plastic cover, so that nothing can escape from the intense perfume. The very uniform light brown, medium brown and golden marbled Flake smells sweet like apricot jam and the warm, flowery and spicy flavor that flows toward one when entering a tea shop. The tobacco is very elastic, which the plug will benefit, but it seems commended to let the separated serving for smoking pre-dry for half an hour in the air.

Since the Golden Flake is a long strip Flake, you have to tear the desired portion. With some experience with this tobacco is known soon how big to make the piece to fill the respective pipe. Since the Golden Flake, as already mentioned, is elastic, there is also no danger that it crumbles with this approach - you can bend and fold the piece with no problems and bring it into the piple. But of course it is also possible to rub the Flake, so as to get a Mixture according to your wishes. One should either way, be careful not to stuff too tightly, or later no good puffing will occur while smoking. Loose tobacco fibers that trickle down during tearing of the piece, work well as a top layer to take the flame.

Light up:
Also predried the Golden Flake needs more flames until a uniform glow arises. Attention by the mild smoothing with the tamper and especially the previous plugging is an advantage here, it turns out, however, with a little practice soon by itself. If the Golden Flake is burning once uniformly, one can forget tamper and matches and completely enjoy smoking.

Smoking  properties:
The Golden Flake offers despite the proportion Burley the aromas, appreciated by the lovers on a Virginia tobacco: by waiving flavours are tobacco spicy notes in the foreground, combined with a fine aroma of roasted bread and - if the pipe is kept cool - a very pleasant and natural dried fruit sweetness. Here, the tobacco tends neveer to gargle and tonguebite threatens not during normal smoking habits, while the strength is is in the middle. Features that make the Golden Flake together with the clear flavor spectrum very straightforward. Mid-gray fine ash, a few unburned crumbs and hardly condensate remain after the fading of the pipe and do little work in cleaning.

The room touch of Golden Flake is not intrusive, but tobacco genuine and should be - if permitted - smoked only in a tolerant society.

The Golden Flake is a long, brown marbled Flake-strip which is rolled up in the well resealable tin. With a little training, you can quickly separate the matching portion and plug it good, so you can smoke the Golden Flake almost in passing. Its average strength and its to be named just for Virginias flavors of spicy tobacco and roasted bread may make it suitable for a casual smoking, but in cool, attentive enjoyment it shows - also typical for Virginias - dried fruit notes and a subtle sweetness that harmonizes perfectly with the tobacco flavor. A tobacco so that is also suitable for any time, but is not too spectacular or flat in order not to be smoked with pleasure to the end of the day.


Copyright © 2010 by TECON GmbH
with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

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