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Bulldog Golden Flake Pipe tobacco 250g Economy Pack

Bulldog Golden Flake Pipe tobacco 250g Economy Pack

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Golden Flake

Weight (net):



Economy Pack

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Not specified

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Very good

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Very good




Very good


Manufacturer Description:
Bright Virginia tobaccos from Zimbabwe and Zaire with distinct natural sweetness were mixed with the unique BULLDOG flavor and matured in the press up to be a gentle Flake. Check yourself: the tobacco taste and the flavor complement each other in perfect harmony to a hazy, soft tasting palate-feast.

The Bulldog Golden Flake is mottled brown to dark brown, which is interspersed evenly  with golden speckles. The flakes are embedded in paper and for flakes really unusual, but common for DTM in a small round tin into which they fit just. The consistency is slightly crumbly, but the general condition neither too wet nor too dry. If you open the can, so you sniff the hay of a pure Virginia tobacco, but also a flowery, almost creamy scent that - fans will know it - could be called slightly soapy.

The Bulldog Golden Flake is ideal because of its crumbly consistency to be smoked as ready rubbed mixture. Only with great care you can bring the crumbly flake bent and folded into the pipe. Between this and the rubbed out variant you can - unlike some other flakes - hardly taste differences. As so often, it is recommended to give a few loose crumbs on top of the filling, which facilitates the ignition.

Light up:
The Bulldog Golden Flake should, after the first flame, be gently smoothed with the tamper. If then fire is given very evenly, it burns until the end of the filling without problems.

Smoking  properties:
The Bulldog Golden Flake want - like so many flakes made of Virginia - not to be enjoyed too hastily. Violent drawing he acknowledged with a slight tongue bite and gargling. Smoked thoughtfully reminded its sweet Virginia of apricots with the warm and spicy flavors such as cinnamon and cloves. Even a slight perfume-like, soapy undertone is to taste, but not so strong that newcomers in this special section will be scared off. If it is smoked correctly, only dark gray ash remains in the pipe, which does not do much work in cleaning, too.

The room note of the Bulldog Golden Flake is genuine tobacco, but slightly sweet and may not be perceived as intrusive in a tolerant society.

The Bulldog Golden Flake is a brown marbled flake with golden speckles, which is packaged in a round tin wich is unusual for flakes. Its very crumbly consistency, recommends it to to be smoked as an ready rubbed, which greatly facilitates its handling. The sweetness and light soapyness that can be smelled can also be found in the smoke again. Warm cinnamon and spicy clove flavors combine with apricot-like sweetness of Virginia, which adjoined the soapy Bulldogarome. If you want to get a taste of this very special direction: this is your flake! The aroma is yet to taste more in the background, and contributes a really appealing note. Smoked with some attention this flake is quite suitable for beginners, but is also aimed at more experienced smokers who are in search of unusual flavors.


Copyright © 2013 by TECON GmbH
with friendly support of Dennis Hübel

Tip number 1


A filter system for pure enjoyment.


Only available from VAUEN



Our “Conex System” ensures an airtight fir by lightly pressing on the mouthpiece.

 The result: the smoke which enters your mouth is 100% filtered.


Tip number 2


Full enjoyment from the very beginning


 VAUEN pipes don´t have to be slowly broken in over a long time because the wood is protected
by a special lining in the tobacco bowl.




Even by temperatures of 300 to 400°C, which occurs when lighting, cannot harm the pipe.


Tip number 3


Achieve natural beauty


 To make a pipe even more beautiful, the grain of the pipe is taken into account during production.



There are two classic grain patterns:

the straight grain and the bird´s eye grain.

In order to achieve these, the raw briar blocks from which the pipe is created,
needs th be cut along the natural grain course.


Tip number 4

Sandblasting makes the most of the grain of the pipe

A pipe bowl which has a beautiful grain but with inherent imperfections is sandblasted.
In the process the softer parts of the surface are washed out the harder relief.

The advantages are, as with rusticated pipes, a greater ruggedness and a cooler smoking pleasure.

Die ganze Welt des Pfeifenrauchens

Mit der DVD Pfeifenmacher aus Leidenschaft seit 1848 entführt die Firma VAUEN Sie in die Welt des guten Geschmacks. Alle Pfeifenliebhaber und die, die es werden wollen, finden Informationen rund um das Thema Pfeifenrauchen. In stimmungsvollen Bildern erhalten Sie einen Einblick in die hohe Handwerkskunst der Pfeifenherstellung.

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